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Leveling Bug

  • Indra
  • 02/21/2013 03:54 PM
Hey everyone. Libby noticed a pretty stupid bug we accidentally..uh...
I accidentally deleted the fix Fomar made for it. MY bad ;-;

It's not actually a BAD thing to players, more like a cheat OTL the queen will automatically raise your level to four (the maximum) after defeating the first powerful boss. This makes the second and third bosses a bit on the easy side.

We'll be fixing and reuploading the game soom. Please tell us if you notice any other bugs!


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Damn, I didn't realise xD. Still, the second and third boss are really easy (especially the second one). But the first one is the hardest boss in the game xD.
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Yes Fomar fixed it then Indrah rebroke it. Also I think she levels you to 3 after 1 boss and 4 any other time.
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