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Due to the limitations of the Lite system there are a few things that may seem strange or lack explanation. Here are a few tips on how the gameplay works.

~The EX System~
Basically, EX is a percentage based damage boost. At 100EX you do 200% damage, and at 999EX you do 1099% damage.

~Getting Stronger~
Everytime you beat a major boss, go see the queen to level up.
You should also speak to the maid to trigger night time (psst, this is critical for two endings).
The guard who originally blocks the treasury later sells Elsa's weapon upgrades.

Character Specific Helps
Elsa regenerates 1 rune of each kind once every 2 turns upto her maximum.
Using a 1 rune skill has a 25% chance to generate a death rune.
Using a 2 rune skill has a 50% chance to generate a death rune.
Using a 4 rune skill has a 100% chance to generate a death rune.
Death runes cannot generate other death runes.
Elsa can start with more runes when you upgrade her equipment.

~Tira Misu~
You can see how many times you can use her skills in the description.

Remember that 40% of 400% DMG is 160% DMG and 20% of 800% DMG is 160% DMG and are still therefore better than attack.

Steal unlocks a new skill for Carman, out of 4 possibile ones. She loses them at the end of combat, except Death God's Scythe, which she loses after using.

Nothing specific to note.

From level 2 onwards, Guard is optimal (esp against a single foe). His level 3 attack can easily reach the damage limit.

Thorn damage is displayed in the skill description.

His tanking move is also a healing move, so he is fully healed at the end of the turn but loses 10 MAXHP. He is restored after the battle.

Slow to start, but once set up provides great support until his illusionary power is about to run out, at which point let the enemy have it.

Crossbow Bolt might be better than attack but remember it leaves you reloading for a turn.

Secret Characters

Specific Bosses

Anyway, thanks for playing and I hope you enjoy!


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Oh so THAT'S how the runes work!

I was really confused about them.
how do i get the key to the jail cell?
error 404: user title not found
That was to unlock Carmen if I remember, after speaking to her in the prison, speak to the regular priest, then Alan, then the maid. She will tell you to speak to the kids and then voila.
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