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Dell is a young Seer, sent to visit the Shrines of the Gods as a test to prove her ability to survive in the world. Together with her mute Guardian, Lise, she embarks on an epic tale of-----

Actually, there's nothing epic about this story. Dell is a psychotic young lady who just wants to see the world burn (and help it along if she can) while Lise just tags along for the hell of it (and because she's getting paid). On their journey they meet various odds and ends of the human race, including the town of washed-up heroes, a magical construct with severe sinus issues and a star-struck teen who dreams of romance. Together they will either save the world or doo----

Actually, that's not this game either.

Dell is a young Seer sent to check on the alters of the Gods to prove her worth (and to get her out of the house). While visiting the ancient alter of the Dragon King (on whom she may possibly have an eensy weensy crush), she notices something awry. This leads to an epic idiotic adventure through ice and crystal caverns, a town of washed-up heroes and an underground cellar.

Along the way she and her Guardian, Lise, (who, while mute, isn't stupid enough to do this job without decent pay), an ancient magical construct with... issues and a young man who's more than a little ditzy.

Yeah, that sounds about right.

Made in about 24 hours for the Ace Lite Cook-off, for the sole purpose of adding another badge to the growing collection, Seer Dell is my first main foray into the comedy genre. Whether anyone actually finds it funny is another thing altogether.

Latest Blog

New Download Up!

So I finally got around to uploading the new download for Seer Dell: Dragon. A lot of small things have changed.

The biggest thing is that it no longer uses the default random encounter system. I created my own evented one which works very well and gets rid of the issue with 2-step encounters/no encounters.

Another big thing is the addition of a few cutscenes - including a shortcut after the boss battle so getting back to the statue is a lot easier.

Other changes include:
- lighter overlay
- 'achievements'
- a ship (dun ask)
- earlier skills
- extra balancing in battles
- font changed
- no more dash
- faster walk speed
- text changes
- bug found in the inn (again? damn that place!) fixed
- music changes

So, if you were waiting for a good time to try the game out, now is it!
  • Completed
  • Liberty
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • Adventure RPG
  • 02/18/2013 05:18 PM
  • 07/01/2017 04:33 PM
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  • 61983
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  • 2022


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It has a lot of charm to it, Liberty. I think you were in the right when you decided to make this one more of a whimsical and wayward game. I really couldn't stop playing it, even when I died a ton of times on the first boss. But, that's just due to me being terrible at most RMN games. Terrible AT, not terrible at MAKING (I hope)

Oooh, the irony.

+ Excelleeeent mapping. Even when it's the RTP, you really cannot not enjoy the colorful environment and fanciful mapping.
+ Really appreciate the character design and effort that was put into bringing out their whimsical and sort of odd or bizarre personalities (Mel...), through the dialogue.
+ Cut-scenes are smooth and are evenly spaced apart. Doesn't seem too much or too little. Just... perfect.
+ I sort of had a love/hate relationship with the battles, but since they do offer some planning (until you pick up Mel and Tome, then it just becomes a click-fest up until the bosses), I loved them more often than I hated, so I consider this a pro.
- Music... I can't even remember if there was any music so I guess that's probably a bad thing. Or, it at least means I didn't notice it enough.
- It seems like a lot of the characters' could be categorized as either a melee/damage type of character or basically, a healer/buffer. There's really no in between. Like, there's no middle. It's either A or C, no B. Does that make any sense? If not, I can clarify further. Basically, there's no tank. No one who can hold their own without a million heals coming their way. (Of course, this could just be me. After all, all of this is just opinion.)

I think that's about it. Overall, I thoroughly and thoughtfully appreciate this game and it's definitely, in my opinion, a gem or could be a gem. Also, in case you're wondering why I didn't just write up a full review, I just really can't find the patience. That and I'm sure I couldn't remember back to the beginning or middle bits of the game.

Anyway, I hope this helps you in some way! Even if it's just knowing that I had a lot of fun with the game. =)
Thanks for giving it a go, wyvern. I'm really glad you enjoyed it.

(That first boss was a little bit of a spike, yeah? Funnily it's the only battle I really worked to balance.)

Mapping: ^.^ I have a love of RTP so I'm happy to hear you enjoyed the mapping. I do consider myself pretty decent when it comes to using it so nice to hear that it looked good.
Characters: They're an odd bunch. Initially they were supposed to be more hero-archetypic but I let myself go a bit crazy with them which was more fun. Glad they were likeable though. I was worried about that.
Cut-scenes: I had intended to make more but decided against it and added them to item finding instead - which was actually a pretty good idea and I'll be using that again.
Battles: Yeah, the only battle that was really planned was the boss. The rest of them were made up of basically recoloured default enemies - though I did mess around with a few attacks for some - so that's probably why they were a bit grindy.
Music: It's odd, because I had music all up in thar. I used some of the DS pack and thought it sounded pretty sweet. Granted, the volume was reduced a little. Maybe that was the problem.
Classes: Well, granted I only made this in about 30 hours, so the classes weren't all I wanted them to be. That said, Mel is a Paladin so he can take more than a few hits and had the HP and armour draw to do so (comes in handy during the boss - use Dell's HP regen skill, set Mel to provoke and let the others wail on the boss while he defends and draws the enemy attack.)
I had initially intended Dell to have more of an attack-spell feel but decided against it at the last moment and gave her priest skills since there wasn't really a healer around. Tome just got a monk class because another damager was necessary and Lise was basically pure damage with a elemental swords on the side.

Thanks again for playing and taking the time to let me know how you felt about the game. I really appreciate it~
Hi there! Can I join the party? =)

Mapping: The town was beautifully mapped. I've played other games that couldn't really capture the 'magic' of towns, given Lite's event restrictions, but you did it... The dungeon is another story, though. It's a drag really. Pretty much every inch of it looks the same, and it doesn't help that you can't look too far ahead of you. And something tells me you did this on purpose... >_>; Bad, Liberty! BAD!

Characters: While the game is not exactly "HAHA" funny, is amusing enough. The characters were well written for what little you get to see of them. At least Dell and Tome were. Lise and Mel were more like noise in the background. I get Lise is a mute, but maybe Mel would have been funnier if he talked more like an artificial being; he mentions his 'prime directive' once and that's pretty much it.

Cutscenes: Hate them! Well, no the cutscenes per se, but how easy is to mess them up. I was getting stuck everywhere because some cutscene didn't trigger properly. Most of the time I could fix this by reloading and trying again, but I couldn't get past that one cutscene at the inn... Perhaps this was in part my fault because I have the habit of holding down the Shift key all the time, but still. xP

Battles: What battles? I just had to beat one spider and that was all. =/ ...Classes? Music? Yeah they were Ok too, I guess.

All in all, not bad for a game made in 24 hours. But it'd be cool if you could expand on it. =P
OMGness, I've been cut-scene jumped into enough inescapable walls I could swear this was the Philadelphia Experiment.

Overall, the game has a charm and great characters that do well enough to bring the funny and draw one into the gameworld. Some of the dialogue around the actual gags and bits could use a little of the old '25th hour' polish though. 'Don't you sweat-drop at me!' was hilarious at any rate.

Also, thank you for giving us characters who actually had lives before the title screen and were statted up accordingly. Over the past week I've played way too many games as some forgettable cypher who does nothing but spam attack against a backdrop of, y'know, plot and/or whatever going on and by the time they start to evolve, my disinterest has reached critical mass. This introduced me to some characters and events I actually want to remember and hopefully you can continue it.
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
Now it's now my turn to OMG :)

Stuck in the cave with the Dragon statue near the town with all the Heroes.
Can't believe it's in the beginning of the game :(

Anyone know the way out of the cave so I can get on with killing monsters and
see the end of the game...sometime in the near future ??? :)

Sweetie, that's the whole game - you have to go through the cave in order to get out again. There is a map included (though it's not big) - check your Special items. Also, enemies shouldn't do too much damage until you get to the boss, and even then a lot have said it's easy too. There are items in bags - they're useful. Also, item usage is recommended.

Yeah, it's a maze. ^.^;
I think I whipped up a full map with routes and item points at one point. I'll have a look for it.

Keep in mind it was made in just over 24 hours, so there's some issues with it in places but it's fully playable and I did patch up some of the issues it had.
You the practice of self-promotion
I've played it before and the way out of the cave requires you to find trigger certain events, after which you get to fight the boss and finally leave. If I recall correctly, it shouldn't take you too much time (two hours is probably a stretch) provided you don't get lost in the maze. It's just a matter trying to go everywhere and finding everything along the way. Not to mention, enjoy the banter among the party members during the cut scenes ... :D
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
@edchuy, Thanks ed, I keep coming back to RMN and when I see a game that looks like it could be fun I download it and play at a future time so have about 20 game icons on my desktop :)

@Liberty, Sweetie ? SWEETIE ? who you callin' sweetie ?? :)
Thanks Liberty, as I told ed, I download a lot of games and forgot this was a short one. When I originally checked it out I thought the graphics and banter between my warriors would be fun and I was right.
Sure hope your working on more chapters.
Going to delete the game so if you finish it I will be able to play it again and enjoy it again.
It's overall a good game Liberty, I especially enjoyed the humour and the characters.
There will be a sequel of this? I hope so, because it's very good^^
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
Tried to EDIT and got an invalid post :(

Just wanted to thank Liberty since I went to her U Tube page and found Romancing Walker which is a cute and enjoyable RMN 2000.
Guardian of the Description Thread
How the heck does this have the "Add Review" button disabled!? I was totally serious! Not-so-much about the precise formatting, but, yeah!
Whoa... wait what?
How? o.O;
I'll see if it's anything on my end but I'm not sure how that happened. >.<;

e:- Is it working now? I think it might be because I didn't have a default download set. >.<;
Guardian of the Description Thread
Yeah, I saw your post. WEEEEIIIRD.

*Edit: Oh, yeah, it's enabled now! *rubs hands together*
I get the feeling this is going to be a love-hate game for me. XD one where I hate it because of too many game overs but yet the story line is so addicting I can't stop playing. Looking forward to playing it and if you don't mind too much, while im playing I'll be recording it for my Let's play lineup. of course I'll have to cut out the scenes when I die on a boss battle too many times...takes up too much footage and to save myself the embarrassment of how bad it'll be when I first start off the game.
Of course I'll give credit where it's due and I'll be posting a link to this page so anyone who sees my videos and wants to download it and play it themselves can do so.
Sure, LP away, but I think you may be mistaken about what kind of game this is. XD
It's a short, light-hearted, silly romp through a dungeon with a boss at the end who only some have issue with. But, hey, I'll be happy to watch your LP of it and see if there's anything else I need to fix (I'm pretty sure I got everything though.) Enjoy~
Did someone call for a legendary tester?

On a serious note though, this is a fun little game that I started playing through recently and I spotted a couple issues....at none other than the inn i saw spoke of.

Issue #1: If you talk to the inn keeper behind the counter (after talking to the old man) to advance the game, your character will try to move to the center of the room, but get stuck on the counter that is in the way.

Issue #2: If you go upstairs in the inn (either stairway), and then move over one tile away from the stairs, you can walk down on the roof, and from there walk all over the roof. I'll provide a screenshot on this one if you have trouble finding it.

I really should start testing games again...since I tend to find stuff even when I intend to play casually. Damned innate testing abilities...both a gift and a curse!

Anyways, the dialog and the maps are fairly good for this type of game. It's a short game that doesn't take itself too seriously, It's a little on the easy side, but not a bad thing since it's more a comedy game. I am watching out for mel though...I feel like he is going to turn into a borg at the last minute and convert my party.

Edit: nevermind that, if I took the time to not glitch it I would of discovered that was the end.
Oh man, that fucking Inn again. Most of the issues I've had with this game has been because of that Inn. ;.;

I was so sure I'd finished it. *Me kicks inn*

1) You talked to her from behind the counter, right? Blocking that part off. She can remain trapped behind that counter forever now. FOREVER!!!

2) I think I might know why that happens. I wouldn't mind a screenshot, though, to make sure I have the right part.

Thanks for letting me know about this though. I appreciate it~
Not a problem. Yeah she deserves to be stuck behind that counter. Here's the screenshot!

Well, I just finished playing through it. Very nice and short, however, considering the game's length and the way it ended, I figured I'd hold off on a review. The game feels as if I just completed the prologue of a much bigger tale that has yet to be told, and that's a bit frustrating because...

... Well, I was initially not impressed. I wasn't exactly sure what I was playing (if it was an event driven game or what) and I thought I'd turn it off at around the 5 minute mark. But then I got sucked in by the humor. The party reminds me so much of My Little Ponies (thanks to my daughter), and I can easily see Dash in Tome and Pinkie Pie in Dell.

Very charming and witty, and it was very enjoyable to play through, even though the rest of the story may go untold.
Thanks amerk. The game is meant to be something of a snippet and there are three of them all up - each a bit longer than the last. Since this one was made in just over 24 hours I couldn't make it too long and I like the idea of a piece of a tale vs a full game, in this case at least.

Eagle will be a bit longer and the third (which currently has no name) will probably be a 'full game', though shorter than most of my usual games.

I'm glad you enjoyed the characters, though. It was my first shot at a mainly comedic game so that the by-play was enjoyable is good to hear. ^.^ I'll be sure to try to keep up the crazy in the next two episodes too (and not make terribad mazes this time around. >.< )
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