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Once a fabled assassin, you hunted those who jeopardized the order and balance of your home planet, Odorus. Now, after a blinding flash of light during a routine mission to stop a murderer who calls himself The Apprentice, you find yourself alone on a mysterious island with little recollection of the task at hand. Can you complete your original mission and stop this mysterious killer before he gets to Andoru?

Heroes of Umbra is short 2D side-scrolling multiplayer RPG that plays similar to games like MapleStory, Super Metroid, and Diablo. You can hack and slash away slimes or duke it out with your buddies in the battle arena. Target platforms include Desktop (cross-platform), Android, and OUYA.

Unlike its paraquel, Starless Umbra, HoU features 100% original assets and music. I'm retaining a strict 16-color palette for all game assets to maintain visual integrity and capture the SNES-era look-and-feel. The game emphasizes gameplay over storytelling like many classic 8- and 16-bit adventure games.

Because it's so easy to push builds with dropbox, you can always get the latest version of the game at play.heroesofumbra.com. I will still try to update the RMN links regularly, but I generally deploy new builds a few times a week. Search #HeroesOfUmbra on twitter for a changelog.

Latest Blog

Heroes of Umbra Launching June 1st

It's finally done and ready. And only about 4 years later than I had hoped!

Heroes of Umbra on Steam

The game will launch for $9.99 (USD) with plans to provide free updates if there's some demand. It includes English, Portuguese (BR), German, and Russian localizations, with more to come!

Please wishlist and consider picking up a copy June 1st if you enjoyed the previous iterations of the game. Your support will help pay artists for my other project, Starless Umbra, and help complete it at a (more) reasonable pace.

With respect,

PS I mentioned having a demo up, that is still planned when I have a moment. I took the one posted her temporarily down because it was really old.
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  • 02/18/2013 09:09 PM
  • 05/14/2018 12:30 AM
  • 05/12/2018
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Developer, Starless Umbra / Heroes of Umbra
Woohoo! Thanks for the words of encouragement, all. This is a huge boost of motivation and an alpha build is certainly in the near future.

Heroes of Umbra, the Starless Umbra MMO?...W-...Will it be free to play? Monthly Subscriptions starting 15.00 a month!? Microtransactions?!

Lol! I considered an MMO. Certainly this can scale to huge servers, a la minecraft, but I don't think I can maintain a dedicated server. The main reason is that the server is a very thin wrapper around the game logic -- most of which occurs on the client side so "hacking" levels and so on is trivial.

It's for that reason that I'm advertising this more as a "fire up a server and play with your buddies" sort of game. That way if you decide to hack or whatever it only really cheapens the experience for the party playing. :)

Of course it will be free, too! I might include some sort of donate/get alternate gear. I don't know how that would work though. I'm not good at making money from my gamemaking endeavors.
Heroes of Umbra, the Starless Umbra MMO?...W-...Will it be free to play? Monthly Subscriptions starting 15.00 a month!? Microtransactions?!

Rarely do I see a project on here that makes me go, "OMFG I WANT TO PLAY SOMETHING LIKE THIS." This is one of those projects.
Perpetual Nuisance Machine
Looks delicious.
I really like the look of this. Can't wait for a download
Subbed. Look forward to more updates.
Kinda reminds me of Keith Courage in Alpha Zones. It's a Turbografx 16 game if you didn't know. Looks interesting though.
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