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Ravenwood Horror is a horror-themed (not survival horror) puzzle game created by Ted Latas (aka Min Chan) in the summer of 2008, using Rpg Maker VX.

Synopsis: Dr Henry Smith wakes up in an unknown place where he soon discovers he has to solve puzzles to progress. As he gets out of the basement and into the house, he remembers. He's in the mansion of Sir H. Wilkins, a patient of his, who has gone mad and has been in a killing spree, making one and only thing clear. Dr Smith has to escape.

The mechanics of the game are the simple adventure ones, where the only menu is the item menu, and upon interacting with the environment items are used.
There are multiple endings depending on your actions during the game.

If a walkthrough is needed, there is a spoiler free inside the game folder tha gives clues rather than solutions for minimum help.
Otherwise there are a few playthrough videos on youtube where you can see exactly what to do.

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  • 08/18/2008
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"wakes up in an uknown place" < this one
I'm not usually easily scared by RPGs, but the music and sounds really scared the crap out of me. So, good job! ;D
this game quite popular in youtube
maybe ill take a peek on it?
If you want! I'd like to know what you thought about it, once you play it
you don't mind me doing a lets play on this then rating it do you ?
This looks like my cup of tea! I'll be downloading and reviewing soon!
@TrueGameMage: Not at all, in fact that makes me happy!

@GoddessOfTheSouls: Awesome!
@angelzee1: First of all thanks for playing!
To you and anyone who gets stuck: You can watch on youtube the solution there are a couple very good walkthroughs of the game
I think there might be a virus on your download because I've tried to download the game three times and all three times my Norton has quarantined it.
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
i just decided to watch the lp.

plot-terrible (comes with horror but at least multiple endings)
characters- not much depth much is left to mystery.
gameplay-was good the puzzles added some flaver to it.

i would recommend this it was entertaining as you would expect from this genre.
but you should avoid getting answers for puzzles its part of the experience to figure it out.

Decent horror game. Managed to get what I assume was the second best ending. Couldn't get the best because I made a wrong choice early in the game. Some of the background horror music were too imposing and felt inappropriate. Puzzles were above average, you really needed to think outside the expected solution. Plot was bog-standard, I didn't see anything interesting there, aside from blatant logic inconsistencies (e.g. one of three choices causes a different thing to happen even though logically the thing should happen regardless of the choice.) Characters were pretty bland, but maybe it's better on the best ending route which I missed. The horror atmosphere is pretty good, but dont expect a great story.
The game won't run for me. Saying RGSS202e.dll not found. I'm getting this error with a few other older games as well. Is there something I need to download to play?
sounds like ur missing the RMVX (not RMVX Ace) RTP

I usually just manually copy all the RTP files from another game into the current game, but I dont know if you have a game on your computer that contains the RTP to be able to do this.
I don't know if it's one of the most, but certainly, it's a must-be in the "very underrated games" list.

First, It's not a survival horror game although some tracks used in-game are from Resident Evil or Silent Hill franchises, so if you're looking for this kind of game, do not play this. Secondly, most of the people here complain about shit. I think that either they are jealous or they didn't understand the story cause "2 much 2 think" or whatever.

This game was made by a badass to badass people, just as simple as it is. If you don't enjoy a horror game with a high level of riddles, do not play this, but if yes, you are welcome. Ravenwood Horror has the best of both sides: difficult af puzzles (everyone under 100 IQ must quit asap) and a great (but soft at the same time) horror experience.

Although at a first glance, the plot could be simple, at the same time it has the scent or "magic" to catch you and spend hours playing this. The same scent or soul you felt while playing classics horror games. As a horror fan, you love that sensation, and this game will give it to you. Every puzzle you solve, every door you open, everything is part of what Ravenwood is.

It's more of an adventure than a pure horror game, but this combination is, again, very well-formed. Overall, is a unique game, recommended of course, and a must-play to the horror games lovers.

8/10. E.T.A.= 4'50H (no walkthroughs)
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