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Episode VII - Episode VIII

  • Brady
  • 03/07/2013 11:51 PM
Episode VII is out, but honestly there's not much in it. I'm doing things in such a way that I'm an episode or two ahead of what I'm releasing, to keep myself on track and without a big backlog. Because of the timing of this, Episode VII has kind of wound up with little to show for itself other than a few changes and a couple of missions, while everything else has poured into Episode VIII.

Now, Episode VIII has a lot to show for itself.
As well as having a whole new advanced text script implemented to improve the dialogue, it also has a Bestiary addition for planning ahead on bosses you've already done, and I've gone over the whole game in an effort to catch as many bugs and problems as I can possibly find: Episode VIII will be the smoothest playing version to date!