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An RPG that takes you into an in-depth story, following the event of the King's death, rise of an empire and a war breaking out.

The game uses modern_algebra's RMVXA scripts, and will feature a full Quest system, a unique Pet system and a story that takes you through various terrains to meet different races and civilisations.

It will feature backstories to support all main characters, events and locations, and will even include an optional post-story that includes flashbacks to further implement backstory features.

It is in early stages yet, but will grow into a vast game.

Credit to modern_algebra for many scripts and to Yanfly for System Options.

Latest Blog

Off Hiatus

Valiant Blade has resumed production.

My aim is to launch a playable demo by July '17 with basic systems implemented (mainly the Pet System) and a couple of the customisable world elements.

That's all I have to update at the moment.
As more advances I'll start updating.
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  • 02/23/2013 03:10 PM
  • 05/22/2017 06:09 PM
  • 01/01/2016
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Once I can get it working I will explain it, as I don't know how it'll work at the moment.
But, in simple, you have Pets that Autobattle and have Passive and Active abilities.
Sounds interesting! I can't wait for it! :D
Looks pretty cool, I'll be watching this.
Subscribed and patiently waiting :))) honor
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