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Nigerian prince game me $$$ to review this game!

Hi people!
RE: Prince of Nigeria is a Visual Novel adventure made with Renpy by Kirroha, author of various other visual novels such as for example Six Rules... and in the review of that game I mentioned that I was going to play this game too.

This game is about Horai Owen, a cute girl with long black hair and green eyes that is all alone with her computer and her boring life...what a sad existence! But then she receives and email... by Apara Kachinpopgorn, the nigerian prince that is in need of her help. The prince has twenty millions dollars in cash locked away in his separate Swiss bank account, and he needs Horai’s help to keep it safe from Apara’s siblings who also want the money for themselves.
The prince requires Horai's personal banking information, and the girl instead of believing that this e-mail and story is too good to be true, falls in love with Apara Kachinpopgorn! Yes she doesn’t really care that much about the money, only about him. Crazy isn't it?

Awwwww the Pince of Nigeria is such a charming fellow!

Well, I am pretty sure you heard of the "Nigerian Prince scam", a phishing attack when swindlers reach out to potential victims and promise a large sum of money in return for some help... Horai Owen didn't, but how the tale will end? The story has two possible endings (one bad and one good), so... play and see by yourself!

RE: Prince of Nigeria is a short, VERY short visual novel where the player watch how the story unfolds, read the dialogue and in the end makes the final choice (to be honest I admit I wished there was some more interactivity): giving the bank details to the nigerian prince or not? This will lead to two pretty humorous epilogues that I am not going to spoil, of course! So yes, unlike other visual novels there isn't a lot of interacivity or choices, it is more like a long joke with very nice graphics, music and good writing!
Oh yes, writing... while the prince express himself using those stereotyped scam mails with many grammatical errors, Horai Owen is an overly dramatic and romantic girl, and this excess leads to some hilarious moments.

The custom made visuals are pretty, art is great (I especially like Horai's many different expressions, in particular during the Bad Ending), and the game looks nice. Moreover the interface is simple but good, and I liked the font used too. Music is pretty good too, I liked the themes, even if the title song is a bit... weird! I mean it seems more appropriate for an action title such as Contra rather than a romantic and humorous visual novel! But uhmmmmmm ok!

Well, honestly I do not know, but I'm sure that this is how my review ends!

Final Verdict
RE: Prince of Nigeria is a pretty good little story, with excellent art and good music... oh yes, probably the only parts where the game could technically be improved is... making more "game"! Longer, with more choices, or even continuing the story after the end, I mean there was totally lot of room for more, and instead this is a sort of jike that can be summed in few words. But it's not bad at all, lot of effort went into it, and in fact it's visually well realized and well written (particularly important since it's a visual novel of course!)