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A young boy awakens in a strange and empty mansion. He has lost all his memories except one: he knows his sister should be here too, somewhere, and he wants to find her. But he will soon realize that this mansion is not that empty, and strange people are looking for her too...

This is an adventure/horror/A-RPG game I realized some years before. The game is available in English and French. Version 3 includes a lot of corrections and new stuffs: new musics, new riddles, new events...

2013,august: New version now available, with improved and corrected English thanks to Redd. :)

Website of the game: www.restlessworld.c.la (see section "Your Star" from the index page)

All of the game is "hand-made", meaning all graphics have been drawn on paper, with just a pen and inks.

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We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
i gotta try this hand drawn characters and mapping?
it would be shameful not too
gotta give the creator some respect on this one
tho ill dl it now i dont know when ill actually get around to this
as i got countless games to go thru (over 50)

so for now great job :D
Of course you should try it haha :)

Well, thanks for the comments anyway ;-)
I had a complete solution of the game now (walktrough, riddles, secrets..... anything!)
(in the Download section)

I also updated the game file, fixing some bugs.

Enjoy :)
I can't seem to beat Uncle Henri in normal mode, I've hit him so many times (25+ for at least one of the clones) but none of them will die. I can beat him in easy mode (with only ~5 hits to each clone), but I can't in normal mode. Can you check if there's a bug that makes him invincible in normal mode? I started a new game in normal mode and when I got to Henri again, I still couldn't beat him.
Ok I will check this quickly ! Thanks for telling me. I'll let you know if I find anything special.
So did you find something or does this bug happen just for me?
Ok I checked ! Actually, the defense of the boss was a little too higher in normal mode, so it was impossible to kill him ^^
I corrected the problem and check for the other boss, it should be ok now.
I'm uploading the new version. I'll let you know once it's ready on the website.
Thanks a lot !
I guess you're the first one to try the game in normal mode :D (even I use the easy mode usually haha)
Sweet, I'm going to try it right now. Merci beaucoup!
The game won several awards from the Alex d'Or competition 2013 (a French competition for game making). So happy :p

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