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"Rest assured that He will rise again from the ashes of history, for good or for ill. The essence of the Divine, no matter how maimed or twisted, possesses immortality; thus, 'tis only a matter of time before He makes his presence felt in our realm once more. He will come, like a phoenix erupting from a fiery malaise, mercilessly striking down His foes, and generously rewarding the worthy. If I were you, child, His coming would worry me not. However, as we humans have to come to realize regarding the nature of the Divine, for every action, for every shift in the cosmos, there occurs something both equal and opposite. Yes, His arrival may be terrifying for many, but I fear more what comes after; I fear the Divine opposite."
-Ramanaster the Third, Chapter II of the Phoenix Prophecies

What begins as the potential destruction of an empire may very well become the potential destruction of an entire planet.

Abandoned after a failed assassination attempt on the Emperor of Nafein, Nickel Arand finds himself running from the law while being light years away from his native planet of Miidrio, light years away from any communication between his home and a technologically primitive world. While keeping himself out of prison, though, he must contend with the task of blending in with unfamiliar cultures, dangerous monsters, and his own strange catatonic episodes, with only a fleeting hope of someday returing to Miidrio.

This strange new world, though, will not be without its own struggles. Natural disasters tear up the landscape, nations are at war, and people struggle with famine and drought. The planet is breaking down like nothing ever seen before in history, or at least, nothing ever remembered from history. Oddly enough, these catastrophes only began when Nickel arrived...

Highly trained yet highly inexperienced, Nickel Arand, the stranger from another land, will inadvertently become this planet's only hope.

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Project of the Month

I just wanted to thank the good people of the RPG Maker Resource Kit (crankeye) for naming Final Fantasy: the Phoenix Prophecies, as the project of the month for May. Thanks for your continued support, it keeps me going ^_^
  • Production
  • madriel222
  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
  • Action RPG
  • 04/26/2008 11:18 PM
  • 04/25/2020 01:22 PM
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RMN sex symbol
Hey you posted it, people don't be fooled by the name it's a very polished game and has lots of potential. Hey some new screens, good shit Mad!

Edit - 06/04/12
Download! This is the games original demo release.
i really like the look of this game. Can't wait to try it out.
Looking good. I always appriciate custom menus, battles, and just any integration of custom features in rpg maker 2003. I find it is much harder to do, and you appear to be great at it. You should try to get a demo out soon. Can't wait to give it a play :) *SUBSCRIBED*
Thanks for the comments. I'll try to have the demo out this weekend ^_^
Awesome mapping, and also GREAT title screen.
Is this game still being worked on? I remember thoroughly enjoying the demo.
If I can ever will myself to get back to it. I just don't have any motivation.
Alright. Here's some motivation: this game will be much better than that French FF Fangame--Final Fantasy Zero or whatever. The half hour demo you have is already five times better than the crap that I got when I downloaded FFZ.
Ahhh, the name and title image are so similar to my game's
Devil's in the details
Then be more original? =)
I've been working on my game for months and just stumbled across this now. And don't plan on changing anything.
The download to this seems broken. Fix?
For the love of god, update this game!!! PLEASE!! Add a screenshot or a blog or something, just to let us know there is still some semblance of a chance that this great game will see the light of day.
RMN sex symbol
Nah it hasn't been canceled, just no update here.
I don't update on this site because I don't receive constructive feedback. You're more than welcome to check out rmrk.net and gngamedev.com for up to date information regarding the project. Thanks for your interest.
My mind is full of fuck.
Nice description, why is it small :p
There's something I've always wondered. How can you call your game after a real game and not get slapped with a plagiarism suit?
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