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Answering some questions.

I decided to answer some extensive questions in a blog rather than a comment on the game page.

First off, This is absolutely my first game ever. The only project I had before this was to make a silly little thing where I learned how to use the systems in rpg maker. This means that I still have a lot to learn and a lot of issues to tweak in my game. I feel like every time I play-test my game I find a grammar/spelling error or some wacky glitch I never noticed before.

Secondly, if you played the game and enjoyed it please leave a comment so I know people are enjoying it.(or you can leave a comment saying you didn't enjoy it, there's always room to make the game better.) And I'm glad to hear from those of you who did say you played it.

I'll finish this off by addressing some issues!

-Battle voices:I figured there might be some people who'd rather not have voices, I'll look into ways to disable it for future versions.

-Slow battles:I'm not sure at this point but I think as players level up and gain more AGI the bar will charge faster and there are large stat boosts in between levels which means far more AGI as you progress. Also when there are four people in the party it should go pretty quickly.

-Cooldown info and ammo information: Unfortunately I have no skills in scripting so I cannot add those features, I'm using someone elses scripts and those functions aren't part of what I can do with them.

-No guard:I will be adding special guard functions as skills. Skills like guarding the entire party, setting up a magic barrier, setting up a counter stance instead of a blocking stance, and other such things. Also the built-in guard feature did not work with the AT charge system and that's what made me decide to work on guard skills instead of a guard command.

-Warmup skill:The warmup skill adds a custom status effect that reduces the amount of turns a player needs to wait for a skill to be usable again by 50% as long as that status is on the player character. For instance during a boss fight if you cast warmup on Ellette she can continuously cast fireball or heal every turn without waiting.

-Wait skill instead of command:I tried to add it as a command but I couldn't seem to make it work with my script combinations and after getting frustrated I simply turned it into a skill. I might ask some more experienced script users for help on turning it into a command instead.

-Expensive recovery items:Since mana points do not exist and characters are instantly healed after battles that means recovery items are not needed as often. In order to make the game more challenging I have made healing items harder to get, more expensive, and you are limited to holding only ten of each healing item at a time.

-Linear progression:The first story arc in the fairy village is indeed very linear. My plan for the current area/story I'm working on is to make it open to exploration and player choice. I want to let the player do the quests for this next area in the order they want to and even give them three possible endings for that segment of the story.

-Unused music:If music in is my game folder then it WILL be used at some point in the game.(and if I eventually decide against it I will remove it from the folder to save on game size)For instance 'innocent mind' is not used in the demo but will be used in a boss battle in the next area you visit.

-Large download size:I have battle voices for each character and even some enemies. I have overlay images for almost every map in the game. And some maps even have multiple frames since I needed to animated a river or a lake. This means a rather large download size. The first way i'm going to keep the file size from getting out of hand is to not introduce a large amount of party members, this will keep the size from the voices down. I will also try some methods of reducing the current size of my games audio files. When this game is completed it will be very large there is no doubt about that, but I will be attempting to keep the file size under control as I progress.


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Games awesome to me. Keep at it.
Talk about large audio file sizes, ermm... what, wavs? I recommend ogg. For comparison, a 5 minute audio track of a WAV file can be around 22 MB, where it's OGG version just occupy around 4 MB. The BGMs are mostly MP3 as well. Better convert them as OGG. OGG supports looping in middle of the track in-game, to note.
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