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Four friends from the same university go out camping together. But while gathering firewood, strange sounds can be heard from the forest.
After that, things get gradually worse.
This is the classic camping-trip-gone-wrong movie from the eighties made into a RPG Maker game.

It features a minimalistic soundtrack, with mainly the ambiance of the forest and all the creatures in it accompanying you in the increasingly dark forest.

I recommend turning off all lights, pulling down the blinds and putting on headphones for maximum enjoyment.
Playtime is roughly 20 minutes.
Story is based upon the Skinwalker creature and the stories surrounding it.

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Great game. Going to be adding a playthrough soon on Youtube.
Sorry it took so long, but I finally made a little video playthrough of your game. My video isn't particularly interesting, as I took more of passive stance in recording the video, letting the story do the telling and entertaining for me. If you wanna check it out here, you can: The Video.

I really like the changes you made. I feel like it majorly benefited the game. I can't wait to see your next game/visual novel :)
Glad you liked it. Watched the video too. T'was good.
Anyway, haven't heard anyone say the changes was for the worse, so I guess that's good. Mission succesful.
Dude, the famous Youtuber, Cry, played your game! That's so cool!
Cry's Video
Absolutely beautiful! Keep up the hard work!
I just watched ChaoticMonki, my favorite "let's player" on YouTube play this and wanted to say that this was a killer experience! Would definitely like to see more of this. Keep up the good work!
I must say this really creeped me out but in a good way! I think this will be in my nightmares tonight.
Oh and I watched this from Cry too!
I enjoyed it a lot! Although it was short, the experience was solid. I like how it switched between reading (making it inside your head) and visuals. It makes you /imagine/ the horror. The visuals where there like a helper and to make a feeling of unease as the story switches from descriptive narration and visuals. The characters were well characterized.

Now onto the part i was more iffy on. I didn't like how the main character was pocessed for what seems like a good portion of the story. Like I would be fine if that happened, but maybe it would've been better to have a different person pocessed first, then joe later. Its a small gripe, so take it as criticism and move on.

Overall, i really hope you make a another game in this style and really play around and experiment! :3
Thanks, everyone. I'll definitely be making another game.
And experiment I shall.
Anyway, glad I got a load of new players. Hope you enjoy playing/reading the game as much as you enjoyed watching it.
Just watched this on the ChaoticMonki youtube channel and loved it. Just had to pop by and say great job!
I started to play this game today and at the same time record to my gaming channel in Youtube. All I have to say that I have enjoyed this a lot.
Really creepy game. Good job! ♥ I subbed!

i've played it and got all 3 endings but it's not that great of a game. i did like the ending where he didn't go outside and shot everyone in the house.
Interesting that you still played through it 3 times.
yeah i didnt read it after the first time just skipped through until the questions where the story branched off.
Great game! I spotlighted it on my youtube channel :)

This looks like my kind of game, i'm gonna go ahead and download it and give it a try. it looks pretty good! After i play it, i plan to write a review.