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FADE - Character Biography


Age: 20
Occupation: RPG Adventurer
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Strengths: Helps out people. Determined. Not easily scared by most things (definitely not by skeletons).
Weaknesses: Helps out people only when offered a decent reward or if he feels like it. Lazy at times. Scared of spiders.
Likes: Adventure, Daydreaming, Drawing, Baseball, Hitting stuff.
Dislikes: Books, Reading, Waiting, Spiders, People making fun of his hair.

Roth is a born adventurer. Despite having lived most of his life in one of the most remote and boring towns in existence, Roth has somehow managed to still get into plenty of trouble over the years and experience more excitement in a single day than you and I will have in a lifetime.
With both his parents gone, Roth has been forced to take care of himself since he was a child. At young age he started to take up the job of Village Adventurer, completing tasks and jobs for the people living in Beta Town whenever they were too lazy to do stuff themselves. This has gotten him into some strange and unexpected situations, such as pushing people into tar lakes, fighting off flipping ninjas, journeys through space and time, racing on cows, and more.
In his free time, however, Roth likes to take it easy and he gets easily lost in thoughts as he daydreams away. And suddenly wakes up hours later, realising he has been sitting in the same spot all that time, doing absolutely nothing. He also likes to draw comics and cartoons that he secretly sells. His comic series "The Battlers" is crazy popular and there are entire stores dedicated to selling solely Battler comics. Though these places are often mistaken for empty warehouses, as the comics are completely sold out before they are even released, resulting in permanent empty store shelves.
Needless to say, this has caused his ego to grow out of reasonable proportions. He now likes to call himself the "God of Thunder" even though he isn't able to cast more than a puny electric spark. His friends have to keep reminding him that he isn't really the God of Thunder. If only Roth would listen to them.

Before he set out on his grand adventure, Roth lived in the SMASH-HOUSE. A wooden shack large enough to fit him, his younger brother (Thieme) and best friend (Rage) inside while still having room left for a TV, several holes in the floor leading to underground caverns, a stove and a long wooden table. The SMASH-HOUSE was his base of operations and was where he spent many a day with his buddies smashing TVs, playing baseball with whatever object they could find, punching and kicking Jiggs, arguing with Henk & Jan (two talking skulls) and competing in burping contests.
One day, while on a job for the local mad scientist who needed a test subject for his new dimortation device, Roth had managed to find blueprints of a huge airship, powered by four mythical Essences. After somehow managing to collect all four required Essences, Roth had convinced the scientist to build him the airship as shown on the blueprints to allow him to leave Beta Town and set out on a grand adventure.

After finally leaving Beta Town, together with Thieme and Rage, Roth was just happy going wherever and doing whatever comes on his path. But while shooting cannonballs at birds to collect meat for Rage who was hungry, he managed to anger the Prince of Darkness, who then destroyed Roth's statue of himself in a fit of rage, and then proceeded to set their airship on fire, forcing Roth's party to make a crash landing in the middle of the Dusk Woods, far away from civilisation.
While Roth's adventure didn't start off particularly well, he isn't going to feel bad about it. After all, he's still on an adventure, and whether that be in the air or on the ground, that shouldn't matter. An adventure is an adventure to Roth. Losing his airship is merely a setback, one that the Prince of Darkness is going to pay for some time.

In combat, Roth is a competent and well-balanced fighter, not sporting many weaknesses. Roth wields the powers of lightning, and even though he can't cast more than a puny electric spark at the start of his adventure, he's bound to learn many more. Utility-wise, Roth focuses mostly on helping to restore mana to either himself or his friends. This can be of great help to accelerate the party's damage output through the use of spells, which are typically stronger than physical attacks.

FADE - Character Biography


Age: 18
Occupation: Adventurer
Alignment: Neutral Good
Strengths: Good sleeper. Brave. Tactical mind.
Weaknesses: Has a hard time waking up. Remembering appointments. Bad loser.
Likes: Travelling, Sleeping, Games (especially chess), Sports.
Dislikes: Waking up, Unfairness, Losing, Burping sounds.

Thieme is Roth's younger brother. Together they've lived in Beta Town for as long as they can remember. Despite being brothers, the two aren't much alike. While Roth has always been more into adventuring; helping out people in return for rewards and beating up stuff, Thieme is more into just travelling and exploring. To see more of the world, to experience things that can't be found at home and to learn about foreign cultures. Thieme is the only of their group of three (the others being Roth and his best friend, Rage) who has been outside of Beta Town before they embarked on their grand adventure.
In his free time, Thieme enjoys playing board games, but chess is definitely his favourite. Unfortunately for him, neither Roth and Rage are great opponents, with Roth being too impatient with waiting on Thieme taking his sweet turn thinking about every turn and Rage lacking the intelligence to even know how the pieces are supposed to be moved. Outside playing board games, Thieme also likes physical activities, including most sports. Baseball is a favourite amongst their group of three. And by baseball I mean hitting stuff as far as possible with a piece of wood. When Thieme is not winning in a chess game or mindlessly bashing objects into orbit with wooden bats, you'll most likely find him sleeping in someplace comfortable. Sleeping is what Thieme does best, and once he is asleep, it takes a lot to get him to wake up again. It is not uncommon for Thieme to skip whole days, simply by completely sleeping through them.
Despite Thieme and Rage being best buddies, Rage has a talent for striking Thieme at his weak points (unintentionally, mind you), such as with unfair play in games, loud burping and with his barbaric behaviour in general.

Thieme joined Roth's adventure after he saw the huge airship Roth had managed to obtain. It would definitely make for an easy way out of Beta Town, towards new, unexpored places. Unfortunately for Thieme, the party was forced to make a crash landing in the middle of nowhere; not exactly anywhere near places that would be of interest to him. Still, Thieme is willing to follow Roth on his grand adventure, wherever that may lead them... at least for now.

In combat, Thieme prefers a solid defence over offence any time of the day. With the ability to grant extra defence to his allies, Thieme can help mitigate the enemy's damage output, allowing the rest of your party to focus on doing the damage. Besides being defensively built, Thieme also sports the highest speed of the party, making it easier to get initiative in battle, as well as make his equipped Aura activate more often.

FADE - Character Biography


Age: 18
Occupation: N/A
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Strengths: Powerful. Loyal. Nicer than he looks. Setting stuff on fire.
Weaknesses: Naive. Stubborn. Lack of intelligence. Being quiet.
Likes: Bashing stuff, Meat, Fire, Shouting.
Dislikes: Thinking, Waiting, Vegetables, Flowers.

Rage is best friends of Roth and Thieme. They have known each other since they were little kids, and have lived together in the SMASH-HOUSE. At young age, Rage was abandoned by his parents because they were unable to deal with his uncontrollable anger outbursts in combination with his talent of setting stuff on fire. After losing their house to such a fiery outburst, and being unable to kill their own child, his parents decided to leave him out in the wild. A regular child wouldn't have survived out there for more than a couple of days, but Rage already had the strength to defend himself from the wild animals. After many days of wandering, Rage stumbled across Beta Town. The villagers of Beta Town weren't exactly happy with this child that couldn't stop setting things on fire, but Roth and Thieme decided to take of Rage and let him live at the SMASH-HOUSE. It wasn't easy, but Roth and Thieme did manage to somewhat tame Rage over the years, making him able to control his powers.
Rage's lack of intelligence has made him unable to do more than the most simple jobs, and even then there is the risk of him messing things up due to not always willing to stick to the instructions given to him. For this reason, Rage has spent most of his time inside or nearby the SMASH-HOUSE, where it's hard for him to be a nuisance to the other villagers.

Rage spends most his free time doing whatever he feels like, be that chewing on rocks, bashing stuff with his powerful fists, shouting like a caveman or losing for the thousandth time to Thieme in a board game. Rage isn't particularly interested in going on an adventure or seeing more of the world, but he's willing to follow his two best buddies, wherever that may take him. As long as he gets meat to eat. And that better be lots of it.

In combat, Rage is a powerhouse. His defences are somewhat low, but he makes up for it with a lot of hitpoints. Despite Rage's enormous strength, he can also easily fill the role as a support character by granting attack buffs to his allies, letting them doing the bashing. If that still isn't enough for you, Rage can always set stuff on fire using his elemental spells. I mean, that's what he's best at after all.

FADE - Character Biography


Age: 19
Occupation: N/A
Alignment: Lawful Good
Strengths: Fast learner. Honest. Kind. Making music.
Weaknesses: Being alone. Making choices. Fear of heights.
Likes: Adventure, Helping people, Reading, Playing piano.
Dislikes: Home, Senseless violence, Being rushed, Matthew.

Eldin is a young lady from Beta Town, where she has lived in a big villa with her father since she was a child. He rarely allowed her to go outside, so she has never really gotten to know anybody else in the village. As a way to escape the prison called home, Eldin used to read many books, adventure stories being her favourites. To go on an adventure, to see more of the world and to help out people in need is her dream.
Before she came to Beta Town, her family lived in a small, peaceful village elsewhere... until the dark forces of evil took over the region and destroyed everything in sight. Eldin's mother was killed in the assault on the village, and Eldin and her father only barely managed to escape alive. All of this happened when Eldin was still at such a young age, she can hardly remember any of it.
While Eldin's dad didn't allow her to leave the house, he did invite friends over from to time. People who he had known from other places. This is how Eldin met with Matthew and Steve, the children of some her father's friends. While they didn't meet very often, Eldin still considered the two of them good friends. As time went on, and they grew to be closer friends, Matthew decided he deserved to have Eldin for himself. This jealousy eventually caused enough problems for Eldin to ask her dad to not invite Matthew over anymore. Matthew eventually caught on to this, and needless to say, he didn't take it very well, to put it mildly. He sneaked into the house during Eldin's Birthday party, knocked out all the guests and kidnapped Eldin. Luckily, Roth just happened to be around and managed to take out Matthew and get him arrested.

Eldin took an instant liking to Roth when she learned that he's an RPG Adventurer. While he wasn't exactly the heroic knight in shining armour, like the characters she had read about in her books, he was still the closest to something from her dreams standing right in front of her.
The day Roth left Beta Town on his airship to go on a grand adventure was not missed by Eldin. While she hadn't been allowed to attend the event, she had watched everything from the window in her room. She knew this would be her only chance to leave Beta Town without her father being able to stop her, so she escaped home and went after the airship, hoping that Roth and his friends would notice her and take her on board. And that is exactly what they did. This was the day Eldin finally experienced freedom. Unfortunately, there was little time for her to celebrate, since the airship soon got assaulted by the Prince of Darkness and they were forced to make a crash landing in the middle of nowhere.
Finally experiencing adventure itself, Eldin quickly finds out it isn't as easy or always as exciting as it seemed in the books she read. But she's not going to complain or give up, because to her, it's still a thousand times better than being locked up at home with nowhere to go.

In combat, Eldin is a powerful magic user. While her spells may lack the ability to inflict conditions upon enemies, she makes up for it in raw damage. And spell casting is probably what you want her to do most, since her regular attacks will have trouble piercing the defences of even the weakest of foes. Eldin also has the ability to grant health regeneration to her allies, making her an excellent support character, helping your party stay alive during tough battles.