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Tech Demo review

The game play idea:
The arrow keys are used to aim with a cursor. Space bar is used to fire bullets. pressing x while holding the left or right will make pikachu dodge with some cool electric based animation. Using the shift key drops an awesome thunder on pikachu slowing down the play field and tinting the screen.

Shoot down all very well known pokemon before they shoot you down as they come out from windows, fly in from out of the screen, or jump out from the back of boxes.

The game play reality:
The tech demo is a whole lot of fun. A pew pew here and a pew pew there if you know what I mean. The tech demo is short enough that it ends before the things get boring, but this could easily evolve to be a classic pokemon fan spin off. But that's for the future to decide while currently the pew pew (shooting and targeting) is the only thing that's working for it.

The dodge system although looks very cool there is no need for it as the game is pretty easy. And although I tried very hard to notice I found no difference when using the shift key to slow things down and so no use of that either, though it could just be me.

The graphics and music are nothing to complain about but seem to be very low on the priority list, which is understandable for a tech demo.

That's it for the tech demo so if your looking to pass some time and finish a game in one go download this one.


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Your opinion pretty much reflects mine.
Thanks for the feedback.
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