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The year is 1773 of the 2nd age. The prosperous inhabitants of the continent, Drydal, are getting ready for another year-end celebration of uninterrupted peace. During a toast in the great common room of Azuryn Drydalian, king Sabastian III was poisoned and killed. Outraged, the people of Drydal banished the northerners from their continent, and wanted nothing to do with them. Sabastian's son, Leo, took over the throne of Azuryn and claimed to restore balance to the kingdom. Weeks later, he declared war onto the northerners and never looked back. An esteemed team of Drydalian scientists called the "Celestial Seven" have been rediscovering an ancient technology used for war: Magi. Little did they know what was really going to happen to them after they unleash this force upon themselves.


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I'm a huge fan of properly mapped rtp games from the 2k/3 engines. Story seems a little bland but you did say it's a work in progress, ill keep my eye on this for sure.
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