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To Kill A Black Swan

Hey everyone!

I released a new game called To Kill A Black Swan, and although it's not really a sequel to This Is Where I Want To Die, it uses the same style and also has an important message to tell. It is longer, more interactive, and a murder mystery visual novel. So you can guess the murderer at the end. However, you should know that it's not your average whodunit. You can expect similar themes,
the Detective is not gay, though. :D

Please check it out. It's even more fun if you have some knowledge in literature (though it's not required)!


Version 1.1 - Translations

Version 1.1 was uploaded. It contains a full French translation by Kevin Cottenie
and a Spanish translation by Nessy Noinex. It also contains some minor improvements.



The game is released and can be downloaded here or on the official website: http://en.marcel-weyers.de/visualnovels/this-is-where-i-want-to-die/

I hope you enjoy this little game!
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