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Report Bugs\Glitch

  • MrDaisy
  • 09/15/2013 06:10 PM
report bugs or glitch here


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Hello, I have problem with the game when I defeat Mizuki and I get konoha headband and after the video, anytime after I press space(menu) the game crashed with black screen and a table appear with this text : Unable to find file: Graphics/Pictures/Actor_13-6

I have tried it many times, redownloading the game and RPGVXAce RTP and different one but it still can not run. Please answer me as soon as possible, I do not know what to do . I even have tried on different PCs but still can not run please . I am waiting for your response. thank you in advance.
Hello again, please make sure you read my last massage above.So since I last wrote you that the game is corrupted, I was trying to play game without saving a pressing menu, but it happend again during Kakashis test fight.When I play as Naruto Sasuke and Sakura and when I press Sasukes Chakra there was nothing and there should be Katon Gokakyou no jutsu , but it was Sakuras Chakra skill I was scared that Sakura can do Fire style but when I used that skill the game crashed again with the black screen and table with a text: Unable to fing file : Audio/SE//Battle_Voices/Haruno Sakura/Katon Goukakyuu no Jutsu

Please just try to solve those problems and I am waiting for your answer , Thanks...
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