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This is the ultimate edition of the Fragile Hearts comedy RPG series (from creator SBester). This single game project includes all three games in the trilogy, complete with savefile carryover capabilities and seamless transitions from one game to the next.

This deluxe collection will offer a host of new features that were previously unavailable in the original versions. Below is a list of these features:

- Voice acting!
- Updated and retooled soundtrack
- Upgraded battle systems and abilities
- Re-imported and improved graphics
- The most current (and FINAL) bug fixes
- New areas and missions for each game
- Updated director's cuts
- Preview of FH4

This game can be viewed as a ground-up reconstruction of the 3 games in the series, as I will be revisiting absolutely every element of design when making improvements.

If you have yet to experience this comedic series of games, this package will be the absolute best place to begin the journey!

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I hesitated posting this, as it may convince people to hold off playing the other games, but I do want to get the word out that this will be happening and this is where it is going. It's probably a good two years away from completion itself, so please don't let it stop you all from trying the games in their original forms. I promise I'll make enough changes and additions that it will warrant a second playthrough for fans.
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