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Progress Report


I've been pretty busy with work lately, haven't really had a chance to make too many changes to the game. Or work on it much, but as soon as I can, hopefully by the end of the month, I'll have more there. Also, I'm hoping to get some feedback. I know the game is highly unpolished, but I am afraid to add too much detail to anything before I know that it'll be in the final cut.

This is a working Demo, and things are liable to change randomly and immensely.

Anyway, feedback and stuff would be great since I've got a few downloads now :P And again, I hope to have a new edition up by the end of the month.


First blog post!

Alright, well I guess I should say a few more things. The graphics, like I said, are placeholders, though most of the townsfolk may or may not change, depending on the art style I eventually stick with. I'm not the best with mapping/building, but I'm getting better as time goes on, if you have suggestions, or anything, feel free to write me, screenshots even, might help, if you highlight things.

There's a few more plans with the jobs, adding a few more jobs in Esha, polishing the jobs that exist, making them more exciting, less repetitive, and possibly tweaking the job XP system. Adding ways to upgrade your fatigue may also be possible, to a small extent.

I plan on adding another town, which will be a fair bit bigger, with more villagers, buildings, jobs, purchasable houses, more modern and suburban.

Also; last but not least, the cave, in Esha town is still under construction. Got the basic mapping down, although I do have to add a few more things before it's ready.

Keep checking back on me, and making suggestions! I hope it won't disappoint in the long run.
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