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This is a simple port of the beginning of Ranma 1/2: Treasure of the Red Cat Gang into RPG Maker 2003 with some improved palettes for characters. This was one of my first big RPG Maker projects and helped me understand game design better. I originally had planned to create a full game out of this but ended up using the resources created for it to work on other, more original titles and have no plans to work any further on it. Feel free to use any of the resources used in this game for your own projects.

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Patch Uploaded

I uploaded a patch to fix a few bugs that made it impossible to reach the boss fight. I've also reuploaded the no RTP version with this fix applied, but the RTP included one will require the patch because I have a slow internet connection and won't be able to reupload that one for a while.
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  • 04/29/2008 03:30 PM
  • 01/15/2023 07:56 AM
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It's slightly a mix between the two, but mostly it's the anime version's text with additions from myself and the manga version.
Ranma 1/2 RPG...interesting. I am so not above playing this. I haven't seen Ranma since I was a kid, but I remember loving the character Shampoo.

Question, not that it matters...are you using facesets?
Only for the menus, not for the game's dialouge.
I am leaving request for demo and news. Also you should check out webcomic ranko.
I remember playing the one for snes it was not only fun but funny!
I hope your not using the takentai sbs....
A few bug fixes, but not much else. I plan on uploading what I have done so far. I've taken a break on this game to focus on an older game of mine.
The demo upload should be up soon. I've included two versions - One with the RTP and one without.
uhm... really really good job! =D
the exp curves you used are better than the original ones! =D
much more exciting to lvl up now!
The spells animations and effects are GREAT! =D

I just think that the enemies are a little bit slow.... way too slow =X
the only way to recover HP is sleeping in an inn...?
No NPC sells healing itens, but Ukyo!
and without Ukyo selling okonomiyakis, who's gonna do it? =S
it takes a while until you get Akane again, you know XD
I can't wait to see how Ukyo's spells are going to be!! :))
shovel throwing? flour bomb? okonomiyaki rain? XD

The extra storyline about that... Kenji guy... I've never seen him before in the anime!
(or have I...?)
is he also a fighter? Does he change the course of the story? =D

This is definitely playable by non-Ranma 1/2 fans!
But some people just don't get that when it comes to plot... Ranma 1/2 is never dramatic, or serious!

(just wondering... what's your favorite character?
Mine's Mousse! Please make him a decent char, ok? XD)
Thank you I'm glad you like it! To answer some of your questions...

Ukyo is replaced by Konatsu, Ukyo's waitress, shortly after she enters the playable character crew.
Kenji is a cameo character from a manga I drew called Chaos Theory. He's a "slider" and ends up in weird dimensions from time to time. The story he adds is just a bonus, it doesn't effect the overall story for purists who enjoyed the original game. He's not a playable fighter but there will be one part where Ranma can finally kick his butt. He also appears in my other RPG called Parallel Darkness.

Heh... mine's actually Ranma him/herself XD
Oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How the heck I missed it!!!!!!!!!!! Still I thought it was dead but you went and prove me wrong. ARHHHHHHHH I must download it right away!!!!!!!!!.
Oh well besides that is awesome I have found few bugs. When you enter first shop you come across in first map you get critical error something about uncompleted event lol?
I found it quite awesome that Ukyo changes into Akane while fighting heh.
Why is Ranma the weakest in HP? He is supposed to be the strongest right?
I am not sure what happened but in the basement where cats were hiding I was attacked my bees and Ranma did not gain exp until fight with cats when he got second level. Right after that it came to me you can die easily if you don t think of using Ranma kick.
Finally why boys talk about Akane when Ukyo dissapears?
Thanks for the shop info, I completely missed that bug on my quick playthrough before the patch release. I've reuploaded the fix if anyone's interested.

All of the party stats are the same as they were in the SNES original. I think Ranma is meant to be speedy rather than the strongest. Also they talk about Akane after Ukyo dissapears becauses that's who they're looking for (along with Genma and Shampoo).
This looks great, Ranko! Downloading now.
Whoa no way! Did we ever get the SNES game in the states? Now I just have to download this and then...oh no. WHERE ON EARTH AM I NOW?
wow i've been watching This game And after 2 month I Realiz That This Game Kick But!!!!!!Gotta Download
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