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New Facesets
  • RankoChan123
  • Added: 09/14/2008 11:30 AM
  • Last updated: 04/21/2024 07:14 PM


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OMGGG O.O there's even Ukyo as a playable character??? THAT'S SO F*CKING COOL!!
She's always "oohh don't forget about mee ~~" on the snes game -.-
and never joined the party!
a big mistake of Takahashi !
sorry noob question what Hiatus mean? i got a Event error, "that event never occured" then the game close
Hiatus means that the game is not being worked on, but not cancelled. I'll be going back to this project after my other game is finished. Where did the event error occur? The demo was rushed so there's probably a lot of event errors in it do to file renames, but I'll try to patch them up if you tell me where they occur at.
so far i found only one when exploring the first town and i think it was the item shop or the inn because i didn't find any and i got everywhere, got a bug where when you equip a character and he morph, ranma, ryouga, shampoo, mouse, genma, they keep the stats bonus of the weapons and armors and nothing is equip so i can boost my characters with enormous stats at lv 1... also i see that you didn't make ukyo learn any skills and the sprite kinda morph into akane when attacking or winning which is weird... i love your work so far even if its not finished.
i'll try to play it until the end and try to see if i can find other bugs, im only at the part when you get ryouga in the party for the first time. also sorry i know i posted at a screenshot page, my mistake.
That's ok, thanks for your help though. Send me a message if you find anything else out.
found another bug if you try to enter with ranma and ryouga in normal state the game give me " cannot opened the file ranma reversed.
in the woman bath locker room my bad.
and that the last bug because i can't play the game anymore "miles Kenji (Ranma Style) cannot be opened" i run into that bug no matter what i do.
im glad you decided to add Ukyo in the game really in the sness version i wanted her but she would never show up... wanted to help because i love this game snes version, but it look even better.
Woah, five consecutive posts...o.O
Anyways, love the facesets, Ranko!
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