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Fractured mind is a game with a sense of horror, but it follows the story line a bit more. It was also based off the horror game Ib and many other good game titles and I am trying not to copy any ideas from them

Warning. The game will include:
-Horror and blood
-Frequent coarse language
-Sensitive scenes
-Suicidal thoughts and images

Please don't play if you don't like any of those things.

A boy wakes up in a dark room, with no memories of anything but a name, which is Jayden. As he leaves the room and explores his surroundings, he finds that the whole place is filled with little or no light and he starts to wonder where the hell he is. After a while he then realizes he is trapped in here, with no recollection of who he is and a monster after the smell of his own blood.

What is it about?
Fractured mind is a game that looks at a place in your mind which is called the dark. Yeah, that name is pretty cliché. If something happens to your soul, the dark may basically suck in your soul. Sometimes it can take some or all of your memories away. If your body dies while your soul is in the dark, you will be trapped. But if your soul dies in the dark, your mind will cease to exist. When your soul is pulled into the dark, your body will go into a comatose state.

Current state
I am most probably about halfway through the demo if I am planning correctly, I need to get many things sorted out in the game, both where I am and things I have completed before I also have to edit for bugs

The Demo should be scheduled to come out during the end of August or the beginning of September assuming that I am not being a lazy bum But for the actual game I don't have a set date, so I guess you guys will have to wait till the end of this month.

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Ok, just going to clear something up

I am not discontinuing this, I am merely taking a break from doing fractured mind

I WILL eventually finish the demo once I have another game out of the way (You've probably seen it on my profile)

So no i am not stopping this, just going on a hiatus with this game while I finish my other one

Which is going to be A LOT shorter the what Fractured mind was going to be
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