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--- Opening Video

Version Fran├žaise disponible! (Voir "Downloads")

--- The Story

-The village of Nid lies between a great ocean and a vast desert. The inhabitants lead peaceful lives, living off the sea and their crops; but a violent storm is approaching.

-On the outskirts of the village stand two monasteries whose monks are bitter enemies. The Order of the Azotists, and that of the Garatists.

-You fill the shoes of Henry Nil, a young Azotist monk, as the threat of war grows ever more present. The situation is hanging on a thread, how will the gods let things fold out?

--- Characters

-Henry Nil
A young sixteen year old Azotist monk, an orphan taken in by the monastery.

-High Brother Brian
The leader of the Azotist monks.

-Under-High Brother Olfran
High Brother Brian's second-in-command.

-Garatee Rastaff
The learder of the Garatist monks.

-Snakebite Joe
The leader of the Snakebite Bandits who have agreed to aid the Azotists in their struggles.

--- About The Game

-Original music from Jakobo T. Johnson, Ingoof Mendezensio and This Island
-Opening cinematic made with Blender (To come, current version is made with RPG Maker footage, see above!)
-Playing time: approx. 2hr 30min
-Bad language
-Slight reference to drugs

--- Soundtrack

Latest Blog

Completed and available for download!

So the game is finally done, and ready for people to download!

There was originally going to be a 3D video made with Blender at the beginning, but the guy making it was taking FOREVER so i decided to release this version with a video made from footage from the game, and release another version with the updated vid in what will probably be a couple of months!

So a couple of notes on the game. It's my first one, so it isn't perfect, but i don't think it's too bad! It's the first in a series, hopefully the next one will be even better! It's strong points are definitely the story and the characters!

Please don't hesitate to give your input! (Maybe even in review form ;)) See you soon! Enjoy!
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  • kukenstragames
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
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  • 03/21/2013 03:04 PM
  • 10/20/2013 01:53 PM
  • 10/04/2013
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I'm a dog pirate
The maps could use some more work. That black stuff doesn't really work in most of the areas you use it. I think you should find other tiles to use, such as tall grass, dirt, rocks, etc.

You should also add more detail to you grave map. Trees, tall grass, some flowers, perhaps a path...stuff for the player to look at. More details will enhance your atmosphere and make the game that much more unique. It also signals to the player that you are pouring a lot of effort into the game.

Best of luck!
Hey thanks! Duly noted, i'll probably go over the maps to polish them off before publishing it! ;)
First place outside monastery is the village.
When I (apparently)enter it, screen turns black and nothing happens.Normal?
I played up until right after you buy armor, and the game wouldn't let me into the garilist monastary in town. I'd ask what I can do to solve this problem, but I really don't want to play this anymore.

I'm fine with a game that doesn't have much combat if the dialogue is fascinating, or you give me fun little tasks to do, but every character that I interacted with gave some of the most bland dialogue I've ever read in any game, and they mostly came off as aliens trying to pretend to act like humans, and failing in the most miserably painful way. And the tasks were just as bad. And of course the dialogue itself could not be more forgettable.

Overall, I'm not sure what I'm even supposed to like about this game.
Oh, and the fact that you completed this project less than a month ago, but you're not checking your comment section is pretty bad as well.
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