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Progress Report

Completed and available for download!

So the game is finally done, and ready for people to download!

There was originally going to be a 3D video made with Blender at the beginning, but the guy making it was taking FOREVER so i decided to release this version with a video made from footage from the game, and release another version with the updated vid in what will probably be a couple of months!

So a couple of notes on the game. It's my first one, so it isn't perfect, but i don't think it's too bad! It's the first in a series, hopefully the next one will be even better! It's strong points are definitely the story and the characters!

Please don't hesitate to give your input! (Maybe even in review form ;)) See you soon! Enjoy!

Progress Report


The game has actually been finished for a week now! ^^ But i'm just in the process of translating it into French (should finish that tonight) and finishing the opening cinematic with a friend on Blender! I've made the soundtrack available on YouTube, so you can have a preview of the general kind of atmosphere of the game! Just look at the game profile! I made all the music myself with two friends! As soon as the opening video is done i'll get it up on the site to see what you think!

Progress Report

Coming very soon!

Hey, just a short blog to tell people how things are going! So the game is basically ready, just need to do some finishing touches and test it! Also waiting on the opening cinematic that's being made by a friend! Will hopefully be able to get that or a trailer up on YouTube quite soon! Really excited to see what people think! Thanks to rmn who flagged the game as new and notable! Thanks for giving the profile some exposure! See you soon with hopefully a finished game!
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