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Progress Report

DOL (Definition of Language)

DOL (Definition of Language)

With DOL you have access to the Yume database. No matter which language you choose - changes will happen easily if you use one of the predefined languages from the list.
But it will be also possible to add new languages. I don't want to create a piece of software with hardcoded language.

In the end YRPG will be for the world and not only one country.

So what is the state of art?
With DOL the developer will get the opportunity to change 60 different Texts which are a fundamental part of the gamplay.

So a DOL Object affects this Features:

Main Menu
Main Gameplay
Game Menu
Enter Hero Name
Battle System

Three DOL Objects are already included:
English (Default) - not erasable

YRPG Toolkit (DOL Feature)

It's possible to choose one object of the DOL List as "Game Language". Changing between different languages or language styles will happen within a few seconds.
All of the languages above working really great.

Spanish and French language will come to as DOL Templates.

Using of a German DOL Object.

Progress Report

Global Events

Global Events

I've implemented the needed and necessary "Global Event" feature. What's those Global Events anyway?

Global Events are Events which will run right after starting a new game.
If you want to create a day/night system or a weather system, you have to set your responsible event as a 'Global Event'.

In combination with different 'If Conditions' it is possible to activate an event if something certain happens. A condition could be something like
'If Hero reaches Level X' or 'YVar a = value x'.

Really a RPG with a lack of global events isn't really a RPG.

Expanded Shop System

It would be boring to resell all purchased Items for the original purchase prices - so there wouldn't be any challenge for the player.

So every Shop gets its very own 'Resell Value' for Items or Equipment.
If we buy Masamune for 30000 - a constant 'Resell Value' of 25 % would mean a resell value of 7500.

This resell value could be a constant value or a YVAR.
The advantage of YVARS - they are variable. So if you want to connect your Time-System (Global Event) with a Shop - that wouldn't be a problem.

And don't forget - the border of YRPG will be created by the limits of your imagination.


YRPG Toolkit gets a Soundtrack!

YRPG Toolkit gets a Soundtrack!

Great News,

A french componist - Olivier Renouard aka Butterfly Tea (Film Music Composer) decided to help me with music he composed.

His music tracks own a very individual style. Every track wants to tell a special story - this will fit definitely with the concept of JRPG-Style Games. A shiny star on the sky of the RPG Music World.
Listen to this medley, it is like nothing you have ever heard before.

A big thanks for your cooperation Olivier!

Progress Report

[Update] Improvement of NPC Creation

Improvement of NPC Creation

I changed a lot of basic stuff of the NPC Creation.

Collision system was simplified and the developer can choose which Distance between player character and NPC will be needed, in order to start a Binding Event.
So it will be possible to interact with large objects, even if the Distance between Player and Object is very large.

Other new Options are the Activation Panel. If interaction with an Object or NPC is possible a small panel will appear. For now the options for NPCs and Objects are "Examine" and "Talk".

It is also possible to activate the attribute "Look at Player" for a NPC.

For enemy handling there are two possibilities for initializing a battle.
The activation of the "Random Encounter" command within the Event Management System. Or the creation of NPCs with the attributes "Follow Player" and "Activate on touch". If a developer decides for the NPC solution, there will be also the possiblity to activate the attribute "Random Movement"


(R)Evolution of Movement-System

Expanding of the Movement System by using a Gamepad.
Now it is possible to use a XBOX 360 controller to control a YRPG game.
Movement of the player character works with the left analog stick. It is also possible to change the cameras pan- and tilt value smoothly by using the right analog stick.
Game Menu and Battle System can be controlled with the D-Pad.

Best of all - no installation or configuration is required. Plug in your XBOX 360 controller and just begin.

Progress Report

[Update] Movement System

Movement System

Another big step for the gameplay of YRPG Games.
There were many glitches with the movement system. Especially with stairs.
Now the player character is able to move smoothly on stairs.


[Workflow Improvement] Event Management Tool

There could be many reasons which will prevent an indie developer from releasing a game. The most common reason is the technique of a game - the scripting part.
It is really hard for a developer to search for the origin of bugs if a game becomes really big.
I did not find a solution for this problem, but from now on the Event Management Tool of YRPG Toolkit will offer support.
At first you will notice the new tree-view. You can create folders and put events inside. This eliminates the chaos where all events were shown in a single list. So far so good.
But what is the matter with those symbols of every entry?

The Event Management Tool is a powerful Tool which allows you to create your very own gameplay.
But not every event will be perfect after its creation.
That is the reason of the symbols. Mark your events as 'Critical', 'Work in Progress' or 'Tested'. The Main node of every event-collection will tell you if there is any unfinished work.
Another keyword which leads to this feature is 'Teamwork'. If you do not work alone, other Team Members will find easily weak points of an event-collection.
It is also possible to create an information for every created event.

This feature is not really an improvement of the game-engine but it will improve the workflow of the game creation process.


As I created the world...

I created an intro for my testgame and wanted to use some special effects.
So if I want to create fog and want to see how it will look inside the game, there is a preview option.
If I want to use butterflies or rain as environment effect, there is also a preview option.

So far so good.
But to get an embracing picture of the whole atmosphere, I needed to start a testrun of the game. It was really annoying to this again and again.

So I decided to create a special tool which allows you to use all special effects at the same time. All values can be changed during the preview option. Within some seconds you can see the result of using more than one special effect.

If you like the resualt you can save the special effects for this map. The new File Format is called *.hog and you can simply paste it into the event editor. Just a rightclick and choose "Import HOG Event".

By the way - HOG is the abbrevation for the name of the new Tool. I decided to name it 'Hand of Goddess' because using special effects is so super simple now.

Progress Report

Creating, Testing and Reimplementing - 2.

Battle Sequence of RPG Test Game. I've implemented new models and realized that other models than the originals could have problems with the speed of an animation. I redesigned the Creation of Heroes, Enemies and Summons. - now the developer has the ability to set the speed-value of an animation.

Progress Report

Creating, Testing and Reimplementation

During the creation of my debug-game many things disturbed me.

The three standard fogs didn't fit with the atmosphere of my map. Now I give the developer the opportunity to create custom fogs. I've also included some new prepared fogs.

Music is funny. But my map is on a mountain which is over 16000 feet and there are no noises of wind? So I created the -Play Environment Sound- function.

During a sequence NPCs are just standing around with a single animation. It's boring. The -Animate Entity- function will help to change this. Animate a hero whenever you want.

I also created a -Move Entity- function. Enter the animation, speed, distance and direction and the Entity will move a path like you want.

It was annoying to remove a NPC during an event. It was also very confusing to search inside the events when a npc will disappear. The appearing and disappearing of a npc will be handled inside the NPC Management Tool from now on.
Just select a Bool or a YVar and its Value - that's all.

Creating and testing a game is a very difficult and time consuming process. But hey - if new and better features are the result.
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