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(Yume RPG Toolkit) Final Dreams - Intro

With the exploration-test of YRPG Toolkit I want to test every detail which will be offered by YRPG Toolkit. So what is the point of this exploration-test?
Using every feature, combining two, three or more features allows me to see how usable the toolkit really is and where the usability could be improved.
The sequence was made 100% with YRPG-Toolkit. The translating process of Yume-Script to functional code takes 3 seconds after a save process.
In order start the game, the saved game must be compiled.
On 'AMD Phenom II X4 965 Processor' with 4* 3.40 GHz the time of compiling takes 4.8 Seconds.

So I am really satisfied with the factor time.
But still remember the video do not represents the final state of the toolkit. A lot of things need improvement.

Years ago I made a 2D RPG - Final Dreams. I tried to create a remake of the intro.
Please don't mind my english, the original game was in german.

Features which were used:

Event Editor:
3D Title Screen; HOG Title Screen; Move Camera; HOG Environment; Dialog; Dialog Name; Change Fog; Create Water; Change Water; Do While; Break Do While; Change YVar; Change Bool; Do If; Text on Screen; Change Camera; Animate Entity; Play Music; Fade In Music; Fade Out Music; Play Sound; Stop Sound; Play Environment Sound, Stop Environment Sound; Stop Music; Tint Screen; Detint Screen; Wait for X Seconds; Call Event; Change Sunlight; Change Ambient Light; HDR; Change Environment, Change Map

NPC Editor; Camera Editor; HOG Editor; Game Properties, WED Level Editor(external 3D Gamestudio Tool)

Music: Olivier Renouard


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The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
Seems pretty neato! I like what this engine is capable of.
wow this engine shows some real promise :) keep it up my man ;)
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