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Yume RPG Toolkit

This testing sequence was created some years ago.

Yume RPG Toolkit wasn't at a state I would call usable at all. The whole creation process of a game lasted a lot of more time. In Order to do a test-run it needed about 10 seconds.

The bigger your game was the bigger was the loading time. Today we need about a second or less to start a testrun (thanks to the very own decompiling process).
The models were collected from Deviant Art and the Music was exclusive work from Olivier Renouard.

The created sequence stays the same (even with that bad english language) with exception of the music. As Music DPC (Delivered Content Package) awesome tracks of YouFulca will be included.
Today all included resource asset or DCP (Delivered Content Package) of Yume RPG Toolkit will be full licensed or free to use for everyone.