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YRPG - Techdemo

And here a small video of my JRPG Engine, created with 3D Gamestudio. This techdemo was created to test functionalities and eliminate bugs. No single line of code was used. There a still some ugly memory issues. But time will fix it. (;


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My mind is full of fuck.
This looks pretty amazing, reminds of playing a JPRG on the PS.
Really nice!

I like the cheese on the voices. It sounds bad, but it's kind of how I like it, idk. Maybe because it sounds weird when people talk seriously about some deep stuff like that, the cheese makes it more bearable? Personally though.

For battles, I think you could speed up the time between turns. When no one is taking their turn, make it double speed at least, just to alleviate the waiting when nothing is happening.

(Luxaria was banned.)

And I love the aesthetic at the end of the video, that place with flowers and stuff. Hopefully we will see a game come out of all this! ♥

Best of luck!
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