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Pewdiepie Amnesia Adventures
WARNING:Explicit Language

4/7/13 Announcement: There has been recent changes in the game, but not too much of a change. Just an added special features to reward those who have completed the game and had accomplished the best ending. Here's a sneakpeek of it:

Creator's Comments:
This is basically the first game I have ever created. I haven't had a lot of testers, and I only had one person to test out my game. I also rushed into this since I was on a 30 day trial (but now I purchase the game maker). Graphics are low, but I hope the storyplay is enough to bring it out. In the future, I'll have to make a remake of this game and make it better. I hope you all would enjoy the game. Please note that the game is only easy at the beginning so save all the time after you reach another floor below.

Pewdiepie finds himself in a bedroom that's not his own. He soon realizes that he's in the Brenneburg Castle of Amnesia. Looking around, he finds a note that says Slogan, (the antagonist of the story) has kidnapped Cutiepie and he's holding her in the dungeon. Now, Pewdiepie must battle his way through many floors against the bros, barrels, spiders, and other strange creatures to get to Cutiepie. Along the way, he will meet his favorite and reliable companions: Stephano, Piggeh, and Mr. Chair. He will need all the help he can get in order to rescue Cutiepie from Slogan's clutches. Will he be able to save her in time?


Here's the link to the game:
Pewdiepie Amnesia Adventures V-02

3/28/13--*Game edited thanks to Brown_towel

A walkthrough of the game has been made by Kynte.
You can find the link here: Pewdiepie Amnesia Adventures Walkthrough

SPOILER ALERT!! For Endings!!

There are THREE bad endings:
1. Mr. Chair's Death
2. Stephano's Death
3. Piggeh's Death
Note: To avoid any of these endings, do NOT throw the head of the three knights that Pewdiepie will come across.
Note: Saying to Joyce that Stephano loves you will also give you a straight clear to the bad ending.
Avoid throwing heads and I'm sure you'll be fine.

FeatherLetters Pewdiepie
HamasakiHikari (Pewdiepie) Moments
ChibiGuardianAngel Stephano
xTheOceanDreams CutiePie Marzia!
Commander Pootis BARREL
Frictional Games Brennenburg Castle
Servant Grunt
Americanaooni Bro/Servant Grunt

DJ Airecho Echo Sensation
Remember Me
Kevin MacLeod Clear Air
Light Thought Var 1
Gymnopedie No. 3

Sound Bible Maximilien - Incoming Suspense
Extreme Horror FX-sound
Titus Calen - Scary
Loud Bang
Sound dogs Locked Door

Granny's List

Victor Engine Basic Module
Light Effects
Step Sound
Yanfly Engine Ace Event Chase Player

Latest Blog

SEQUEL to the Pewdiepie Amnesia Adventures Game

There is a new sequel for the Pewdiepie Amnesia Adventures game and it is under developed at the moment. Please play the BETA and send in your comments.

The Game is called Red's Revenge, featuring Stephano as the first player this time and takes his friends: Mr. Chair, Jennifer, and Piggeh on a quest to retrieve the stolen bro axe. Will the make it? What is Mr. Red Chair up to?

You'll find the link here: RED'S REVENGE

Here's a preview from Jperrytv150 playing Red's Revenge (note: this is an old demo, but in part 3, he plays the Beta, feautring rog characters from Ib and Misao.)

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  • RPG Maker VX Ace
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  • 03/25/2013 06:32 PM
  • 09/29/2015 07:03 AM
  • 03/25/2013
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Just started to play the game and I love it so far. It's so funny XDDDDDDDD
However I'm kinda stuck with that trap near the bro cage. Any tip on how to move on?
Just started to play the game and I love it so far. It's so funny XDDDDDDDD
However I'm kinda stuck with that trap near the bro cage. Any tip on how to move on?

Well, you can trap the BRO by using the boulder so it wouldn't get out.
Or if you're talking about that shrine near the bro cage, you need to check on
Mr. Chair. He gives you ALL the hints. You'll find a brown chair with a letter the first time you enter that place.

:) And you have no idea how happy I am that you're enjoying the game.
Thank you for playing!!
So far I think the game is great! I'm stuck though however... Maybe someone can help me out.

*Spoiler help!!*

I think I'm near the end but I'm stuck. Stephano pigi and mr chair fell threw the floor and so did pewdie, i found that stephano was in a cell and pigi is a roasted pig and mr chair is just a chair. I fought the two enemys but I am stuck... I tried for a half hour to figure out how to progress. I found a cave but pewdie just says "its a cave but its covered by wooden planks". I cant seem to figure out how to progress. Can anyone help?

Yes about the shrine what do you need to do with it? I want to continue so any help?
I figured it out!

What was wrong was you find a hammer, i actually used the hammer on a enemy. I needed to save it for that wooden wall and it was fixed! I had to load back to a previous save point to do that part over again.

I finished the game! It was amazing great job! will there be a sequel 2? Keep us updated!
:) Sorry! I thought the dark trail(starting from the hidden cave near the woodenplanks) would be enough to make you all follow it and find the hammer.

To BUckENbooz: I'm sorry you had to do that part over again! I'll be careful in my future games!! But thank you! And now that you said sequel, which should be better? A Sequel of the Game or a REMAKE of the game? o.O and if it's a sequel... what continuation should it be? What's there next adventure? ....!.!...nevermind, :) I got it, but the sequel won't be for a long while. I'm currently making on a new horror game.
I love this game. You should of added health bars for the enemys though.
Still stuck in that riddle with the explosive coffin. How do I solve it? Anyone?
Is there a download link? I can't seem to find it if there is...
Watanuki-kun!! You must go to Mr. Chair!! He gives you the solution!!! (he's the chair with the letter on it.) check on him twice!

And mmarage, the download link is right there

and if you still can't see it, here: http://www.mediafire.com/?ip8w90sgxhlv3zf
Don't know if you've already fixed the bug yet, but at the moment it's only possible to get the good ending. I went into the project file and made some changes, and I got Chair's bad ending as expected. I took some screenshots to illustrate the changes.

Change: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5

Thank you so much! I'm going to do that right now.
Alright, thanks and sorry, didn't see it, I skimmed through it too quickly. >.<
Hi there!

I'm new at this RPG maker website, and I just found your game by accident. I am really really interested in trying it out, but unfortunately, after I downloaded your game, it won't let me play. Apparently it needs another program to use it. Is it possible to play your game without using that program? Or do I have to download the 30 days trial?

Just solve the meadelion coffin trouble but unfourtantly I have a new problem. The bro is stuck right in the passage. I can't move him he's just standing there doing nothing, waiting for me to try and pass him only to die.
Maybe it's a bug. Perhaps you should make him stop follow Pediew when he reach to that coffin and make him return to his cage.
WAtanuki-kun! Do you see this?

You need to block the bro first! You can move the stone!

And you know the Bro wouldn't want to return to the cage! He loves you too much ~~!
Actually his blocking the way to the coffin... After I unlock the puzzle and try to go back his blocking the way.
The game is awesome, loved it all '3'
My mind is full of fuck.
Oh noes, I saw rule 34 of cutiepie!!!!!!1111
I need a bit of help... I'm stuck where you have piggy and stephano in the area before you get to the basement, with the red king-like chair. PLEASE HELP!~ :(
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