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Olive Sanders, a 16 year old girl who fell asleep while doing homework, wakes up in what seems to be her home, but her parents are nowhere to be found. As the night goes on and things seem. . . off. . . Olive notices that this is not her home, but is somehow connected to her home. Realizing this, she tries to escape her "house" but the attempts result in more and more strange happenings.

Something odd is going on and Olive has no idea what is is, but the people around her seem oblivious to whatever it is, as if they were brainwashed - maybe they are. Olive just wants to get home, but doesn't know who to trust to do so. The one question she keeps asking herself is "Where Am I?"

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Note to all new game devs

Never upload anything before the age of 15. You will regret it. I'm am cringing so hard I want to die who let me upload this garbage. I can't believe this will forever besmirch my name.
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  • 03/26/2013 12:16 AM
  • 09/21/2016 01:56 PM
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that sucks the maker should at the very least check the comments once a moth and give a progress update or mark it as hiatus or canceled
it sucks the art work for the blond girl is nice wanted to play this :(
Is this still on process or what? Too bad, I was interested.
Hey, is this still going to come up some day? it's been a while.
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