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Note to all new game devs

Never upload anything before the age of 15. You will regret it. I'm am cringing so hard I want to die who let me upload this garbage. I can't believe this will forever besmirch my name.

Progress Report


Somethings wrong with the download site. Sorry I had to take it down. It will be back up shortly.

Progress Report

Something always happens!

So, footstep sound effects are now a no go, because apparently the
only good one for ACE won't allow events that "approach you".
It gives an error message when I try. -_-

I hope lack of footsteps doesn't ruin the game to much.


About the demo

I took down the demo on account of its high about of crappyness and glitcheness.
For those of you who DID get to play it, sorry it was so bad. It had this weird lagging thing I thought I fixed (Finally fixed it now, though) and I;m revamping the first

So I'll have the demo back up soon.



The page looks horrible, I'm not good with this stuff, so. . .
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