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To Everain

This is a rehash of a project I started many years ago. The vast majority of what is currently shown in the (admittedly choppy) first video were hand created by me using photo-shop. A few base RPG Maker VX ace tiles/characters remain. This has only been ongoing for two months, so please pardon the lack of length.

The world is heavily modeled on Celtic mythology, language, and setting. The world map itself parallels Ireland, Scotland, Great Britain, and the northern portion of Western Europe, including a semi accurate relation to forest densities and type. Certain geographical features from Iceland will also be included (features which realistically could exist on Ireland). The Giant's Causeway will be a visitable site.


30 years ago a bloody war was waged with the Dullahan on the path to Everain. Facing imminent defeat, the sorceress Lessa created a key and locked the gate to the path. The key then passed into the hands of the wounded warrior Fidelma and their compatriot.

Some time later, we meet with the young girl, Lina, and her companion cat, Penny, in the small town of Adrienne, doing menial tasks for her mother on her birthday.

After meeting a mysterious woman named Caitria in the inn and answering some harmless questions the local soldiers pose, Lina's mother Jen goes missing.

Spoiler -

In a cutscene we see Caitria warn Jen that Lina has told the soldiers about her. Jen had been planning on leaving Lina in Caitria's care in the coming months but had to move up her departure ahead of schedule.

What Lina does not see until much later in the game is that Caitria and Jen had been friends for decades. Both Jen (who was Fidelma), and Caitria were low level soldiers in the war. Caitria is a member of the race known as Falorian, a notoriously long-lived race. Jen, meanwhile, is a modest sorceress herself and maintains a young body despite being around 80 years old.

When Jen - then Fidelma - came into possession of the key, she did not tell Caitria of this fact. She merely stated that she had to go into hiding, and bid Caitria visit her when she had established a new identity. At the time it was not uncommon for a person to incite the wrath of local lords (and thus be hunted) so Caitria did not question Jen's motives.

By the time Caitria first arrived in Adrienne, Lina was only a few months old. She visited several times while Lina was very small, but the townsfolk resented her presence, calling her 'Sidhe'. She stopped coming until Jen's call when Lina was 11.

Fifteen years pass before a young man appears in the inn. Daffyd is disoriented and confused, but swears he knows someone who looks just like Lina. A beautiful woman named Deidre. Lina, convinced her mother was hurt and lost her memory, begins the quest to locate her lost family.

Caitria urges against this course of action, citing that Lina had minimal reason to believe Deirdre was Jen. Lina, now 26, ignored her caretaker and left Adrienne with Daffyd and Penny. A short time later a frustrated Caitria catches up to the trio and promises to help Lina, even though the mission is fruitless.


Caitria really intends to keep Lina from finding Jen. Although Jen has not contacted Caitria in all of this time, she is concerned that Deirdre may be her new identity. If Lina finds her mother, it is possible that Jen and Lina would be put into danger. Thus Caitria does all she can to subtly sabotage the quest.

Jen, meanwhile, has become Deirdre - meaning sadness - and has kept her identity secret by casting a spell over the city once a year. Daffyd stepped into the casting of the spell to protect his adopted sibling and was teleported to Adrienne, where Lina finds him.


  • Day/Night System (including record of days played)
    Random weather system, updated daily

Will be Implemented:
  • Companion/Partner battle system
    Rearview battle
    Multiple mini games

Textures from CG Textures and Texture Library.
Music is Creative Commons from Slainte and Kevin MacLeod.
Sprites made using Holder's sprite base

Yanfly Engine/Message/Menu/Save Game/Parralax Lock
Fomars Faces to Bust
Modern Algebras Fix Picture

(The Day/Night system was implemented through my own scripts and a common event)

There is no projected completion date for this. I work full time during the day and have pretty much no vacation (or even sick!) days. But it must be done, as a memorial for my best childhood friend, Penny, who died last August.

Latest Blog

Apologies on the Sudden absence of anything

My apologies that, as soon as the game went up it apparently went dead. Shortly after the game was accepted I got great news that has been consuming my time-

I got accepted to a doctoral program!

Thus since then I've been looking for apartments, refreshing myself on calc and linear algebra and the like. The game is NOT shelved, but is delayed when it comes to work.

Seems updates will be longer coming than I had hoped.
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