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The Real Deal

Looking at the download count for this game makes me lose hope in humanity.
Gaidon Saga was the second game I made with RPG Maker. Was it an improvement over the first one? Well... It depends on how you look at it. It uses a lot more resources that the first one. It also has a lot of annoying switches, like I really over did it with that mechanic. Only a sadistic human would download this game. A person who hates themselves sooooo deeply that they need to feel the pain of despair. You have been warned.


Giadon is divided into the five elemental kingdoms: Earth, Fire, Air, Water, and Aether. In ancient times there was a war between the kingdoms that almost ripped the very fabric of existence apart. In order to prevent the destruction of all existence the five nations signed a peace contract that has lasted thousands of years.

Main Character and Main Story

Da-Zar is the second son to the King of the Fire people. Da-Zar specializes in Fire Magic and Katana weapon skills. The story of Da-Zar starts out as he tries to protect his home from the ever growing threat of monsters. But as the story progresses he learns of a looming war between the Air and the Water people. Da-Zar must unravel the mystery of who is behind the chaos in order to restore balance to the world.

The story mainly takes place in Firago, the capital of the Fire people. At the beginning of the story there doesn't seem like there is much to do in Firago. As the story progresses more conversations, items, and quests will become available.

Other Characters

Besides Da-Zar, there are up to Eight other playable characters that will join and leave the party through the course of the story. Here is a list of characters early in the game:

  • Lei-Won: Da-Zar’s older brother and next in line to become King of Firago. While also specializing in Fire Magic, Lei-Won’s Katana skills differ greatly from Da-Zar’s.

  • Hone: A monk with a very humble demeanour. He specializes in hand to hand combat and some restorative magic.

  • Sini: As Hone’s wife she is more cheerful and upbeat. Sini doesn’t focus much on attack skills, instead has a wider variety of healing magic.


  • Yanfly Battle Engine and Celianna Tilesets.

  • Each enemy has its own strengths and weaknesses based on its elemental affinity.

  • Optional quests, optional dungeons, optional final boss, and an optional playable character.

  • NewGame+, which allows you to replay the game with your stats and equipment.

  • Approximately 10 hours of gameplay possible.

Latest Blog

Giadon Saga - Version 2.0

Because Ketona personally asked me to do it...*
Giadon Saga Version 2.0 is out.

Changes Include:

Enemy stats have been lowered.
Status effects are no longer 100%.
Status effects removed after battle.
You can choose a difficulty level.
Can sell stuff at shops.
Enemies drop items.
New bonus area available after beating game.
Skills and items listed one by one.
Some transfer events fixed.
Some other interesting problems I didn't notice before.

Note: Warrior's Guild quests and bonus dungeons such as Bad Ass Dungeon, Maze of Shadows, and the Final Crypt have not been updated since they are optional.

*Ketona came to me in a dream and requested this**

**What dream Ketona actually said may or may not actually reflect anything to do with this game.

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  • 03/27/2013 05:18 AM
  • 08/03/2017 01:11 PM
  • 03/26/2013
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The most beautiful user on RMN!

I just added the download. Even after loads of playthroughs, this game
has some pretty complicated stuff in it and is about ten times larger
in file size than my previous game. Please let me know of any problems with the download, the files, or the game.

I've tried do download the very interesting looking game several times - but I always get the information, that the download limit is reached and I will have to try it later...

What's the problem ?
I've tried do download the very interesting looking game several times - but I always get the information, that the download limit is reached and I will have to try it later...

What's the problem ?
Sorry for double posting, don't know what I've done wrong...
Sorry for double posting, don't know what I've done wrong...
The most beautiful user on RMN!

This can happen sometimes. Your only allowed to download a specific game
once a day (This is a limitation set by RMN and not an issue with the game.)

When you download it make sure to save the file.
If you choose to run it, it may not work.
(If you did this wrong you may not have the file on
your computer and when you go to download it again
the RMN limit will stop you. You will need to wait
at least 24 hours.)


I just tried downloading. After saving the file your
computer may also ask to verify the download. You need
to select run the second time and choose a place to save it.

Good little game so far. I think the insides of buildings need not be so large. In the forest sometimes moving is a bit clumsy because you have to follow a prescribed path and if you hit a tree edge it stops you. Not a biggy in any case.
Speaking of the forest. it was a pain after the ice cave to even find the way back to town and THEN have to fight that ogre. At first I didnt think he was standing on the path back to town and kept wandering around.
The search for the monk is very hard right from the moment you leave town. I am not sure what level is recommended but the werewolves will kill you most handily! So I am trying to do two quests south of town but once again the forest is so quirky I am not really getting anywhere and rather than being fun looking for the two ogres and the guy chopping down trees, I am too busy fighting every 20 steps or so. I am level 8 and still find it necessary to stand next to a heal point and grind (I dont mind grinding actually) and heal after nearly every battle.
So far I havent seen anywhere to sell items. No doubt in time it will be allowed but it would be nice to sell stuff to get better...which seem pretty expensive. I actually like the game. Not too many spelling booboos which is rare considering how brilliant you guys and gals are in creating these games.
So far I havent found that monsters drop anything at all...whether this is normal or I have been just unlucky. I am also thinking you cannot find things in drawers or pots etc.
It is good to have heal points every so often because they definitely help considering how meandering the forest is and the fairly high encounter rate...plus they hit pretty hard.
Any way I suppose I am finished. I like the game as I said and am looking to get through the damn forest and finish my 2 quests. I am hoping the rewards will help me in my search for the monk.
The most beautiful user on RMN!

You should also note that after you finish Chapter 1 the Queen
gives you a key (In the key items.) You can go back to the Dark Caves,
which were at the start of the game and unlock the gate to do a mini bonus dungeon.
If you beat the Slime King in the bonus dungeon your reward will be quite
decent (For where you are in this point of the game.)

It's pretty important to figure out that forest. The layout isn't random, so the
paths will take you back to where they should. Once you have the area figured out it won't seem so difficult as before.

The entrance to the Dark Caves is in the forest....

Well I finished the 5 quests and am on my way to search for the Monk. The monsters there are very tough and kill me handily each time. I DID kill a pair of werewolves but even so one of my guys died 4 times and I had to revive him....plus that sign indicates ANOTHER maze. What level is good for this section? Getting killed so easy even with the best weapons I can buy is going to get old very quick and I have no idea what other monsters are going to pop up.
My guys are level 9.
I am getting frustrated battling every 7-10 steps and with these monsters you cant escape unless you are lucky AND they have beaten the snot out of you. I have died each encounter, no matter which path I take, within 3 screens.
A challenge is one thing, but being buttfumbled constantly without even a condom is another entirely.
Unless you have some reasonable advice or tell me something I have overlooked, I am going to take a break and give my arse time to heal.
This sounds cool- I'm going to give it a download!
The most beautiful user on RMN!

The maze isn't actually that big. Level 8-9 sounds right. Remember that besides attacking, you can use fire and Lei-Won's katana skills. Stock up on lost of potions, etc...

If your still have difficulty save the game prior to each path. Then go down each one, one by one. If one turns out to be bad you can just choose another one later. The monk will join you very soon and having 3 party members will certainly improve your situation.

Good luck.
That was what I did and finally reached the monk. Once again, even with the monks heal spells the elemental takes little damage regardless which spell I am using and the monk cant keep up with the healing and reviving....well obviously he can because its apparently doable.
Once again the monsters in general in this area are highly overpowered. It is nearly impossible to escape them plus they attack considerably quicker than your guys which means you cant attack back in time to even heal. Plus the encounter rate is almost ridiculous especially when deling with their power. Even making sure I have buttloads of heal items, they attack so fast there is little chance to use them AND attack. They take anywhere from 150 to 400 HP each time they hit you and you lose your own HP too quickly to even recuperate.
Mind you I enjoy a good challenge and monsters which give as good as they get. And it may well be I am simply having bad luck and worse percentages but I am feeling as though I enter each battle with my pants down and spreading my cheeks.
Luckily there is the heal point so maybe I can simply grind another 10 levels which should only take another 30 hours or so.
I like this game but it is quickly becoming frustrating and I am thinking the rest of the game is going to be similar.
The most beautiful user on RMN!

Once you reach the top of the mountain you'll receive a fourth
character, who has even better healing spells. Once you complete
Chapter 2, you'll be able to learn a katana skill, which is quite
useful in defeating monsters.
Once you reach the top of the mountain you'll receive a fourth
character, who has even better healing spells. Once you complete
Chapter 2, you'll be able to learn a katana skill, which is quite
useful in defeating monsters.

And advice for this elemental? Are you saying once I beat it I am close to the top of this mountain or is it going to be more futtbucking?
The most beautiful user on RMN!

Question isn't entirely clear.

There are two bosses you could be talking about:

The skeleton boss or the boss at the end of the cave.

I think skeleton boss might be weak to Hone's physical
attack, its hard to exactly remember...

When you reach the top, you'll be at Hone's house.
This is where his wife will join you. You will go back
to Firago after this.
I have a question. I have got so far I traveled to Inoa threatened elder and he said i have permission to ask villagers to follow me. Question is: Who might that be?

I talked to everyone at the village but could not find him

I found her no help needed ^)
after soma village where do you go, i cant seem to find away out of the swamp.got it no help needed.
Yeah game is a blast. But its gotten to hard. Going to werewolves way OP. I dont want to grind this much lol.
The most beautiful user on RMN!

After you talk to the village elder in Inoa, there will be a new NPC that wasn't
in the village before. Make sure to talk to everyone, go inside the houses
and look around. (If the other guy made it to the swamp, then
its definitly possible!)

What have you done in Soma Village?
1) You need to beat the boss in the mines.
If you haven't been able to get in the mines
you need to talk to the villagers / gravestone
in order to get the right event to occur.
2) If you beat the mines the game will tell you to go
back to the Air people's camp, where you will get
further instructions.

Before you leave the swamp area and go back to Firago
I would suggest being very ready. What does very ready mean,
well if the difficulty level of this game is any indication....

I can't seem to get it to work. I installed RPGVX Ace RTP like it was asking but it still didn't work for me. Kept asking for the file. I'm running Windows 7.
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