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*Note this is my first game so don't expect an epic story of four people fighting against some political thing or trying to stop a war from happening etc with completely custom graphics and sound and not to mention not using any of the original spells,skills etc..Or a game that has like 500 recruitable characters each having a unique background, personality and special never before seen power

Felix is finally returning to his hometown, Wayfield, after a long and perilous journey. Upon arrival, the mayor notifies him that a girl was looking for him and that she will be staying in Floret, the town of blossoms, at the inn. Felix departs Wayfield and makes way to Floret, which is the next town over.

When he arrives at Floret, he makes his way to the inn at which the girl was supposedly staying. After talking to the innkeeper, he is told that she left a while ago after taking a job from one of the local guilds. The job was to go to
Draken Peak and look for a rune that should be carved on one of the cliffs.

Felix then makes his way to Draken Peak. After walking a long time, he finally arrives at the peak and then sees the girl looking down at the nearby cliffs.

At that moment, a strong gust arrives and knocks the girl of the cliff. Felix runs to the edge of the cliff and sees her holding some roots of a nearby tree, stopping her from falling down. Felix stretches out his hand and tells her to grab on.

At that one moment she looks up and the words escape from Felix's mouth:

"I...I know you."

She was Lizbeth...The Fairy Queen...

When she was five she was sent to a world where magic was everywhere to learn raw, pure magic from the people who rule it...


To destroy the goddess of evil, darkness and the abyss...


They were friends when they were younger, so of course she trusted him, even if it was roughly 15 years ago. She then explains why she came back to Wayfield. She was looking for him because she wanted him to come with her and destroy the last bit of Lorelai that wasn't destroyed 15 years ago.

The 6 Beings of Evil blessed by Lorelai herself to become her soldiers of darkness...

They were going to kill the 6 Pillars of Lorelai...

(Sorry I'm not that good at writing a synopsis X_X)

•A Tactical Battle System similar to popular games like Disgaea, Fire Emblem, etc., with strategic combat that will make you think twice before making a move.
•A world that can be explored not like other games with a TBS, meaning loads of maps in which the player can explore, look for treasures, solve puzzles, etc.
•The crafting of lots of weapons and armor.
•A Skill learning system that will allow you to choose from lots of possible skills "bought" with experience points.

-On Hiatus for the time being-

Latest Blog

TRPG Design:Characters with story VS Randomly Created,Generated Characters

Hello Everyone :)

I've been at a loss lately with deciding how to add characters:In this case it will most likely be between these two:

Characters done like Fire Emblem where each characters actually have a background story, personality and a contribution to the story VS Characters done like Disgaea/Final Fantasy Tactics where composite characters are created,recruited in some way and don't really have a background or a contribution to the story.

If you guys can give me feedback towards which one you would pick that would be great as I can't really decide =/
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My mind is full of fuck.
looks nice, looking forward to try it.
Looks very nice. I'm looking forward to playing it soon
Thanks :)

There is a demo in the works by the way :D

I'm also trying to get a video of the first main quest for the game.Expected maybe today or tomorrow.
I'm really sorry that I didn't post the video everyone :(

The reason was that I'm getting over a cold and I was bedridden most of the day but when I finally came to my pc my project starting giving issues and I needed to use my backup copy(the copy hasn't been updated in a while so I also don't have some of the maps I had)
I subbed, the story seems interesting enought, the battle system is awesome and the mapping is great :D
This game looks really fun! The plot is simple, but interesting. It's actually that simplicity that sometimes make a game! Good luck, buddy!
A strategy RPG eh. Looks interesting. Subscribed :D
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