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TRPG Design:Characters with story VS Randomly Created,Generated Characters

Hello Everyone :)

I've been at a loss lately with deciding how to add characters:In this case it will most likely be between these two:

Characters done like Fire Emblem where each characters actually have a background story, personality and a contribution to the story VS Characters done like Disgaea/Final Fantasy Tactics where composite characters are created,recruited in some way and don't really have a background or a contribution to the story.

If you guys can give me feedback towards which one you would pick that would be great as I can't really decide =/


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The background story will make your story more fun, but perhaps harder to write. The second will allow for more characters easier. Which is fun. Not sure what direction you intend to go, so Im not much help.
It does dependson how important the characters are to your story - but remember that even in Disgaea and FFT there are always some core characters to tell the story as well as randomly generated ones. Telling a character-less story is difficult and rarely done well.

What mostly matters is how you intend your game to be fun. Think critically and ask yourself this question: How do randomly generated characters add fun to my game, and how important is it? Be honest with yourself - if you're having a hard time coming up with good reasons for randomly generated characters besides "It'd be fun", you don't want to add them.
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