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Main Characters

A 24 Year old Adventurer who has explored many places and found many treasures.Before leaving his hometown,Wayfield he was working as a monster hunter, getting rid of all monsters that threaten the village or destroys property.In battle he is a damage dealer preferring a katana over other types of weapons.


A 22 Year old Bounty Hunter who is able to use Faeli or as most people know it, Fairy Magic(A Magic that utilizes the most pure and raw magic power).She was sent to the world of fairies at a young age to learn Faeli to beat the ultimate evil, Lorelai.Her hometown is also Wayfield and she and Felix were best friends before she was taken away.She prefers a gun in combat and utilizes her Faeli magic to heal,deal damage and enchant her weapon with elements or ailments.


A 23 Year old Cleric who can use light magic to heal others.She resides in Avile Village where she works as the local doctor healing the sick residents or people who pass by.In combat she prefers using a magic staff and her healing magic to heal her allies and use light to deal damage to her foes.


A 31 year old Martial Artist who teaches at a Martial Arts School in Emera.His Hometown is the now ruined village of Ovendale.He once traveled parts of the world in search of his lost brother and is still looking for him as he was taken away when his village was destroyed.In combat he prefers using his fist,claws or knuckles and dealing quick and powerfull damage to his enemies.

More characters to come soon :D