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Florence is a talented flutist and she's about to play for a lot of people for the first time. However, last minute, someone has messed up the production and it's up to her to save the show in time!

Name: Florence
Description: Excellent at flute-playing, she's also hard-working and willing to pick up other people's slack.

Name: Ted
Description: Florence's best friend. He's a writer, of poetry, in particular. He has a crush on Florence and it seems pretty obvious except to her, of course.

Name: Lucille
Description: Florence's competitive rival. Known to have emotional outbursts.

Name: Annie
Description: Lucille's not-so-best friend. Catty and mean.

  • Story-based

  • Heavy emphasis on exploration and talk to NPCs

  • Romance and drama to spice up your character development

  • No scripts used

  • Made in 22 hours total

  • First completed game of mine, although I've been messing with RPG Maker since 2009-ish

  • Let me know what you think!

Created and Written By:
Rebekah Smith (miceylulu)

Distracted Musician

Stock Photos from http://sxc.hu (djnorway)

Music is royalty-free and used with permission.
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
"Amazing Plan"
"Circus Tent"
"Constancy Part 1"
"Easy Lemon"
"Eternal Hope"
"Guess Who"
"Inner Light"

Greensleeves performed by Adrian Bett.

Sound Effects found on http://freesound.org

Tilesets made by Celianna and Lunarea.

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The download should be working just fine. :)
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  • miceylulu
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  • RPG Visual Novel
  • 03/31/2013 01:13 PM
  • 12/15/2016 10:29 AM
  • 03/31/2013
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