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Sacred Reviews: Rainbow Ron Saves SpriteTown

"Rainbow Ron Saves SpriteTown" is a short game that features turn-based combat that was developed by snakins using RPG Maker VX Ace whose existence on this site somewhat puzzles me. This is because this project only exists because snakins was practicing switches among other things in RPG Maker VX Ace.

. . . an exercise in using switches and such.

And while I can understand the point of practicing and learning new skills. It seems a bit odd to post that work for others to criticize considering this isn't a really serious game. And even going into this project blind I was able to beat it in under six minutes. So it's not even a particularly good time waster. And that was with me trying ever non-functioning door in the game's only town.

As for the game's story. It barely has one with the player basically going from one location to the next at the behest of a few familiar faces until you reach missile command and blow up an alien spaceship in order to end an invasion by a bunch of "Space Invaders". And while the references are nice I suppose. They really don't add anything since the developer really doesn't comment on these references beyond mentioning when "Space Invaders" came out.

On the gameplay front the game features your bog standard turn-based combat system. The problem here is that the aliens are super easy to defeat with regular attacks and that defeating them is utterly pointless. This is because you have nothing to spend the money you gain from defeating them on. Nor can you gain levels and become more powerful since your entire party is already at max level. So your better off just running away from the aliens since fighting them only exists to pad out the game's overall runtime.

Outside of engaging in meaningless random battles the player is also presented with a few simple mazes to solve. The problem is the path in both mazes is so obvious I was able to beat each maze in under a minute. So while they do offer a change of pace they aren't hard enough to really engage the player.

And while the developer boasts about the custom assets in this game. Most of the graphical assets appear to be lifted from various other games the developer happens to enjoy like "Donkey Kong" and "Zelda". So most of the assets in this game aren't custom so much as edits of other people's work. And I'm not even sure snakins edited them beyond messing with their size.

On the soundtrack side of things the game only features a single song that plays endlessly. It even does so during combat. In fact, one of the most notable aspects of combat in this game is the utter lack of sound effects or a unique battle theme.

On a whole I don't want to hate on this project since it was clearly just meant to be practice for bigger and greater things. At the same time this game really would only work if it were comedic in it's approach. And while a few lines suggest that was the intent. Sadly, the game's jokes largely appear to boil down to this is a reference. Now please laugh at it! A style that really isn't all that funny since a reference in and of itself isn't a joke. Add in boring combat that is best avoided and your left with a short game whose only saving grace is that it's so brief.