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Two adventurers from a small secluded village are sent by their village elder to find his friend in the town of Secile, who has made a major discovery in the field of magic. Unknown to them, the town has been attacked by a terrorist organization called Kalibur as part of their plan to overthrow the current King and appoint their leader, a man known only as "The Master", as the new ruler.


Programming & Story: ImmortalDreamer
Game Logo, Title Screen and Advert Headers: Solid Steel
Music: MaverickHunterZero & KXSakuraba
Charasets: InsaneJP, Shear Destiny, Mack & Blue, RPGDaiou, ImmortalDreamer, Linkforce
Character Art: KXSakuraba
Facesets: Roco, ImmortalDreamer, Christophomicus
BattleCharas: InsaneJP, ImmortalDreamer
Mapping & Battle Backgrounds: ImmortalDreamer

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Production Notes

Loremaster is actually a remake of the second game I ever made, back in 2002. The original Loremaster was horrible. The mapping sucked, the few shards of a story made no sense and the voiceovers were terrible. I decided I wanted to remake the game with better maps and an actual story this time. I know the game is cliché, but I made it a long time ago and I wanted to stay a close as I could to the original.
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  • 05/04/2008 01:49 AM
  • 04/14/2011 10:35 AM
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I like the sound of this. I will try out the demo.
not bad in terms of customized graphics employed.
however story needs more work. A plan to sabotage the
king's mission might be more appropriate.
The game is on hiatus until I finish my VX project, but I may go back to it when that's done.
I remember playing this a while back... bloody good game, do go back to it..! :-D
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