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Good 'afternooning', peons. I bring forth, from the depths of my ass, a game to play just in time for April Fools! "Ar Pee Gee Maekur Vee Ex Ayce" is a masterpiece that will take your breath away and blow it straight back at you.

... No really, this is a joke game, one made by a cheerful yet slightly irritable game development hobbyist. This is technically my first game released for RMVX Ace, and it's a great program, but it's overload of accommodations can be harmful to the game development process, especially for inexperienced developers. If you feel like killing some times and gaining a few laughs, give this game a try.

This game contains slight use of offensive language. You also will be trolled, see images that cannot be unseen, suffer a loss of brain cells and be cheated... Possibly.

Long, long time ago, in a galaxy far away, Nabu was under attack...
While that was happening, in another galaxy far away, a naked king weeps. His one and only daughter, Princess Noname, and his prestigious royal attire, have been taken away by the wretched, evil Demon Overlord.

The demon overlord is an entity that suddenly arrived in the previously peaceful world of Half-Assed RPG Maker Land, poisoning its pristine landscape with his army of monsters and specters. Baby-faced slimes flooded the plains; derpy, Asian bats cluttered the caves, and Ogres obsessed with j-pop and techno music wrecked havoc across every town. All of these assaults were minor, however, compared to what the dreaded demon overlord did to his royal majesty. Cold in his underwear, the King spread a message throughout the kingdom, asking for help.

Help came... Or did it? A generic RTP warrior, named Erick, answered the king's call to arms. Initially, he refused to embark on the treacherous journey, for he hates fighting pathetic monsters and solving puzzles, but after some persuasion by the king himself, Erick agreed to save the princess, return his majesty's royal clothing, and purge the land of this vile demon king.

Erick, or "Airick" as his associates call him, now embarks on an epic journey to rid Half-Assed RPG Maker Land from the clutches of the demon. What he doesn't know, however, is that his journey will be filled with testing trials.

Erick "Airick", the Silvur Reepurr
Known for becoming uncontrollable in battles when berserk, and having a hatred for puzzles, Erick took it upon himself to help the King of Half-Assed RPG Maker Land defeat the evil demon overlord.

Natalee "Natuhlee", the Thundr Fst
She is a skilled martial fartest who has mastered the art of Eat&Chu. She is Erick's love interest and an important asset to him when it comes to fighting, be it both starvation and monsters.

Noah "Knowuh", the Str See Err
A hermit who's only friend just so happens to be Erick, who he often suffers from abuse. He is capable of seeing the stars and is masterful with oral pleasure.

Isabelle "Is A Bell", the Grcefull Niytmr
She is a witch who apparently had a failed reincarnation at some point, but very few of her friends actually care. She is close friends with Erick and is always willing to offer sage advice to him.

The Demon Overlord
Who is this mysterious, hell-born being? Why is he so bent on destroying the world? Why am I asking these stupid questions? Why do you care?

-7 min 100+ hours of thrilling gameplay!
-Very bare bones and monotonous ENGAGING AND AWESOME RPG battles!
-default and ugly BREATH TAKING AND BEAUTIFUL graphics!
- A poor man's Dragon Quest ORIGINAL AND EPIC gameplay and storyline!
- Has a movie cutscene. THIS IS ACTUALLY TRUE!

Graphics - Enterbrain, myself, and various other people.
Music - Enterbrain, Squaresoft, Nintendo... I think that's it.
... And whoever the movies I used belong to.

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Dis dows be de bestus gaym ah evur did plai! Ai gotts ta hayv de sekwel! Neds et nao!
Why is this game so awesome? I literally laughed at least once a minute while playing this!
Just finished... I must say... BEST...GAME...EVER! I was laughing so much and when the game said it was just a demo I was like FUCK! And then a random monkey screaming at me. ^.^
I'm a dog pirate
Missed opportunity: blue slime enemy should've been called babby batter.
Okay, so I just finished an LS of this. I'll probably do an LP at one point because of how epic it is. If anyone wants to they can check the stream here - http://new.livestream.com/accounts/3664677/events/2036308
Also, my voice wasn't showing up during the first ep, though you can hear Nessy at times since it was done via a Skypechat. ^.^

My first Let's Lag. ^.^
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
Wow Archeia has a heavy accent.

Regardless, that was awesome, Liberty! I'm surprised I didn't hear you pulling your hair out in the Encounter Room, though.
I was too busy trying not to kill myself. ^.^;

It was an... experience. XD
gaem of teh all yearz would beng wif it 10000000000/10
Ai gib yoo ... 49390G 4 2 bye dis gaem.
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
Ai gib yoo ... 49390G 4 2 bye dis gaem.

59000G oar nutheeng.
wtf u got me there.. i was expecting i could finish it in a minute but i actually finished it for 10 mins. yes true. best game ever born!
the longest game of this type ever made
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
I've had some devil's juice and going to try this. I better laugh...or there will be hell to pay I tells ya.
Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
u will probs laugh
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
u will probs laugh

The blue baby head made me laugh, and I liked the character arts. I say Ratty has a hand in most recent Square-Enix character art development, eh?

*brain cells die*

u wot m8t
Best game I ever play. best game of year congratz!!1
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