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Good humour, bad gameplay.

I'm going to divide this review into four parts:
Graphics, Sound, Story, and Gameplay. Then
I'm going to give an overall impression of the
game at the end.


Very interesting use of graphics. This is probably
the game's strongest point. The character graphics
really give this game a lot of flavour and I found
that I could really connect with the characters.
The battlers were also very interesting and added a lot
of humour to the game.


I think you could have probably done better here.
I felt the graphics were so well done, why can't there
be some better sound quality. This is supposed to be
a funny game, but most of the sounds seem defaultish.
I know this is what your trying to go for, but I still
think there could have been a bigger push in this area.


There is no story per say. The whole point of the
game is to make fun of other rpgs. Character joining your
party for no reason, really simple and pointless puzzles,
no motivation for your actions, default graphics, easy
battles. This is the whole point of this RPG. So the
story sucks to say the least, which is the point.


I know this is supposed to be a joke game, but your
gameplay sucked. The characters were put at the
highest level and never leveled up. You don't
learn any skills or magic. Even the worst rpgs
will have skills and magic. Even some kick ass kill
all monster spell that is overpowered would have
been nice to see. The monsters didn't do anything special.
While they looked different, there was nothing special
about them. You could have made them have some annoying
attacks or status buffs that you could have easily figured

Overall Impression:

A very funny game actually. I was laughing outloud in
the room with frequent encounters, until the door shut
and I was ready to yell. I think you do a good job
of getting the player involved with what your doing.
I just wish there was more and that it was better
executed. I think you can make a joke game, but have
something decent about it at the same time.

Rating 2/5