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Notes on the Etgoesian Crisis is an extremely lighthearted adventure with crushingly bleak undertones, set on the home front of a small, rural Nederland-inspired country, during a fictionalised First World War. It's around 5-6 hours long, and features wonderful original artwork, a rich, historically-inspired setting and lots of jokes. It's also set in the same universe as significantly-more-professional game Because We're Here ~Mohnblume und Blauerose~.

In 1784 (1914 in the Wesslinger National Calendar), Etgoes - a small and peaceful country recently dragged into the First Lassallian War - famously saw the extremely dubious succession of a new leader, and subsequently made a sudden about-face in its wartime allegiances. The exact politics of the period, however, have gone incorrectly documented for years. See the secret history of the Etgoesian Crisis through the eyes of oblivious reprehensible nobody Orson E. Rockefeller, a small-town bully with a dramatic flair – who, in mounting a deranged campaign of resistance against his petty and unprofessional local mayor, accidentally and undeservingly went down in history as a great hero.

  • Rich, historically-inspired setting
  • Original portrait art drawn by Aut and coloured by Kiwi
  • Wonderful folksy soundtrack compiled from various sources
  • Thirteen playable characters, mostly optional, to get to know through traveling and support conversations
  • Plenty of sidequests, including recruitment of characters, ultimate weapons and chasing certain backstories
  • A love-letter not just to SNES- and PSX-era jRPGs, but the RM2k and RM2k3 games of the noughties
  • Possibly the best final boss in anything ever

Latest Blog

Because We're Here ~Act I~ on Steam

Hello, RMN!

Remember old Eike?? The person who made those very wordy modern-history-based RM2K3 games? (What an introduction.)

Well! I'm delighted to announce that the first episode of my first commercial game has just been released on Steam! It's called Because We're Here, and it's a story-driven, horror-tinted dating sim in a WW1-inspired setting.

It's still very wordy. But they are much better words, and also arranged into much better sentences. Am I selling it??

So, if you liked my Notes On games back in the day, it would be wonderfully good of you to give it a whirl! Also, being realistic, I'd say that you will probably like this as well~

(The demo that I put up on RMN a couple of years ago is no longer available; it covered the same plot points as Act I, but it was a very very early WIP in a whole bunch of ways!)

I hope some of the very small group of people who were really into my RPG Maker games see this! Let me know what you think if you do play it! (And it'd be amazing to hopefully make some money from this and be able to pay for the resources I still need for future acts ahaha.)

Also, I browse here occasionally but obviously I don't really post, so if you are one of these people then hey, here's my twitter!

  • Completed
  • Eike
  • Ultima187
  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
  • RPG
  • 04/02/2013 02:25 AM
  • 07/20/2022 04:00 PM
  • 04/05/2013
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My mind is full of fuck.
You the practice of self-promotion
I'm downloading this!
Just of curiosity, I notice you can look into almost everything but there never really has anythng in them...so is it a safe bet to just ignore them? I do see little gift boxes which give odds and ends.
Also I am no doubt missing something very obvious...but where is the metal man? I am in his house fighting feral cats but hes no where to be found.
The care packages are the 'chests' of the game, yes - the barrels, crates etc. are largely just there for flavour. You can receive items from them at certain locations, but only very rarely, and never anything important, so I wouldn't worry too much. :)

As for the Inventor's House, that dungeon's structured somewhat like a 'point and click' adventure - follow the chain of clues, and you ought to be back on track (and if you haven't already, it can't hurt to see if anyone in the pub can give you a hint as to the starting-off point)!
Yes the old coot and the book. But I missed the dungeon back at the inventors apparently...or did I...I will have to return and see. And if you stray off the path on the map there are no enemies. In a way I wish there were.
The house is the dungeon. Happy searching!

(And they may not be very useful for finding items, but perhaps one of the barrels might be able to help you out here...)
Just finished this. Loved it, might write a review. I was a huge fan of NotSMW and I was worried it was dead, but this prequel is just as great!
Devil's in the details
What's the estimated duration of the game?
Eliminator: Hah, thanks! Can't promise anything about NotSMW, if I'm absolutely honest (having realised just how long it took me to get this game done and dusted), but it's definitely still a possibility. A review'd be grand if you fancied it - glad to hear you enjoyed it, in any case.

Happy (Rei-, right?): Um, probably somewhere around four-to-five hours on the first playthrough. It kind of fluctuates because there's a lot of optional stuff, but the main game's fairly short!
I just played it through, it really was a heap of fun.
The gameplay part was not that exciting (it was a rather good take on the usual RPG fare but not much more than that, and I'm maybe more tired from this kind of things than my fellow average rmn visitor) but the writing had me snickering or downright laughing more than a few times. Losing against houseowner Mk I and subsequently seeing the gameover screen was totally worth it, I was immediately in love with the magnificent protagonist, and some other guys were pretty great too. The game was just the right length to avoid becoming too repetitive (running gags and unsufferable characters can only be drawn out for so long). Well, congrats on finishing it and thanks for this nice game!

Just two things: am I the only one for whom movement speed on the world map was insane? I had a hard time getting anywhere, and for some obscure reason even when trying to enter cities the cursor would circle thrice over the options everytime I pressed an arrow key. Also, right after you leave the palace with Ingramsson for the first time you can actually go back right in and get the same cutscene again.

Finally, out of curiosity as I'm not sure I'll find the courage to go through a few hours and the final boss again, do the recruitement choices and character sidequests change parts of the story (I guess they mostly affect the splash screens - by the way it would be really nice of you to have them in the completonist corner or in some hidden place somewhere). The last recruits were rather less fun than the early ones so I did not get incredibly invested in them, but I'm still rather curious about their importance in the scheme of things.
Thank you very much, Hasvers! It's good to hear the humour hit. (And I am intensely proud of that Game Over screen. I'm actually developing a sitcom around its misadventures. (I'm not. But thank you.))

I thought the world map walk speed was fine - it's the same as normal, and it isn't a massive map. Was it running slow for you? Also, I've never encountered the 'circling thrice' thing - how bizarre. Perhaps it's your keyboard? I've had problems like that in the past, but then, that always forced players to move to the bottom of the map as well. And thanks for pointing out the Eindall Castle bug - I'd used the wrong switch to prevent re-entry! Whoops. I've uploaded v. 1.1, with that fixed.

The later optional characters are a bit less silly, yes, but as you guessed, do have a little more significance to the overarching plot than the earlier ones - one of them is necessary for the 'flashback' sidequest mentioned in Ultima's review, and one has a moderately big role in NotSMW, should that ever see release (though now that I mention it, one of the earlier ones is actually the central protagonist of the 'Edgos' branch of the NotSMW storyline, so it's not exclusively a 'later recruit' thing). They more augment the NotEC story, though, rather than affecting it in itself. And I was planning to upload the (pre-scaling, so nice and unpixellated) portrait art at some point - I may well put the epilogue screens up, too, for people who don't want to play it twice. Good idea!
So I just submitted a review. I may have to revise it a bit later on to be a little more specific. Especially after re-reading it, I found that I seem to be mentioning NotSMW and praising it quite a bit.

Speaking of which, I found the old RM2K3 version of it on my computer and decided to replay it after finishing NotEC. Funny how after finishing it I found that I like it even MORE than when I first played. I think I realize now what made the game pure brilliance, it's unfortunate that I'm probably one of the only one few people that feels this way (I went back and read the reviews). Keep up the good work Eike.
Ah, thanks very much! Looking forward to seeing it. Hah, I wouldn't mention NotSMW too much - again, I can't confirm it'll ever actually be released. I am trying to make it as efficient and do-able as possible, though - so we'll see (I'm currently toying with the idea of a quasi-visual-novel format that minimises 'battling', or at least the kind seen here). Some parts of the original have still got a place in my heart, but other parts, I'm not amazingly proud of - it'd be very cathartic for me to get a new, much, much better-written, version out there, so here's hoping! (Oh, also, see the FAQ tab - there's been a lot of rearrangements, cuts and additions to the existing story and cast, so some things you might remember from the original might not be the case anymore!)
Oops sorry, I totally forgot to come back and reply! I would definitely watch that sitcom.
I thought the world map walk speed was fine - it's the same as normal, and it isn't a massive map.

Actually the character moved like three squares at once, it was very difficult to reach cities. I guess all keyboard responses were taken into account multiple times for some obscure reason (including during the menu choices) as soon as I got on the world map. Forget it if it was just for me.

I did backtrack and try that sidequest in the end; despite the early game warning about recruitment, I was quite angry at ol stupid Bagworth for occupying a character slot which could have been so much more useful =D
I really hope that you manage to finish NotSMW, even (or even more) without too much battling!
I can't beat the final boss no matter what I try. We're all at level 10 and in the best armor I can find from shops, but they just wreck me.

EDIT: Got close this time, only to have the game crash on me because it doesn't like when I use the multiple enemy silence ability. Guess I'm done with this.
a great game im at the end and cant beat the boss not even close all my chars are at max lvl i think you should tone them down a bit or atleast raise the lvl cap from 10 but otherwise a very well done game
Much much better than I expected.
The down side is low level cap and few enemies to fight.
The up side is plot characters locations more than just for plot
The classical rock-paper et catera system to weapons. Very innovative in rpg maker.
Additional text when you lose to first boss. Bastard silenced us on first try and finished with the next hit. Quiz rooms.

Concerning last boss. Don t use techniques that attack them all. Game shall shut down for some reason.
Overally I await sequel
I really liked this Game! Humor, realistic setting, but somehow not boring and the systems so complex and yet not overwhelming. .. Then as I was playing it glitches out! It said "Instance Not Implemented" and it replicated itself so many times it had to reset my PC to clear em. Now I thought it might just be a game error but it happened again and I tried the file on my flash drive and guess what? Even through my drive wasn't connected... It was affected. Just curious anybody else have this problem before? If so how do I fix it and get back to enjoying the game??

Turns out it was my fault. Congrats on a awesomely made and probably destined to be a classic favorite game of mine!! 8D
Alrighty, time to reply to some gamepage posts from 2013. Ever on-the-ball.

Apologies to anyone whose game crashed on the Jorgund/Magarlindt battle! The new version has included a way to get round that - though you'll need to start a new file. Still, a lot has changed in the game since you played it last. And Hasvers, your recruitment worries are over: the updated NotEC lets you get every character in one playthrough~

For your one specifically, Fisherson... I've got no idea! That has never happened before. Very sorry about that... I'm not sure I can suggest much other than 'start again' and hope for the best - as I said, a lot's been updated, so hopefully that wouldn't be too much of a chore, hah.
Alright I played through twice and I gotta say even though I'm more a fan of the cuter little 2003 "mid sized" sprites I love the deail you gave to visuals on this brush over. I did rather like the less foriegn sounding names but I must admit they do add a edge of realism to the game and make the character's blend in with the terrain of the story more. One thing I am surprised at is that you didn't add new class books and possibly more playable characters as well as a secret endings! Gotta give you kudos though for the sneaky fork you programed into Jerome's story. How you can't recruit one character without losing him. First time I've seen that and I was very upset and impressed equally at the cleverness of that. o.O Honestly I think it's both better and slightly lacking compared to the original. Ofcourse I know you motly made this update to fix the fight with Jorgund but I'm one of the rare ones that didn't crash on. Far from it in fact the original was one of the toughest boss battles I'd seen! O.o without being OP or just plain cheap and sneaky. Well done! I rather love this game and would love to one day return to Etgoes for more dramamedy related stories.
Even if it turns out poor Orson did in fact meet his end....but I don't believe he did personally. He's too interesting to die! =P
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