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*short nod*

  • Eike
  • 04/05/2013 12:30 PM
Hello. There ought to be a download of this game up sometime in the very near future (possibly today). Hopefully you’ll like it, it’s been a long time in the making!

I’ve got one or two other things planned for this gamepage – I’m working on a hints & guides page (there’s a lot of optional stuff), an FAQ, a page of miscellaneous art, and a page about the original (awful) 2004-or-so verison of the game that never saw the light of day! But I won’t stick them up all now; expect them sometime after the actual game’s released.

There’s more NotSMW stuff coming at some point, in case you’re wondering about the new version (most importantly: it’s back to 2K3 (and I’m flexing my spriting muscles)).



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Sweet, I'm glad to see the game page up. I'm sure this game will get a lot of attention from people who like clever dialogue. One question though: why did you abandon XP and revert back to 2K3 for NotSMW? Not that I mind either way, just curious.
Hah, hopefully. As for NotSMW, short answer: I'm mainly doing this for reasons of nostalgia, and 2K3 is the one I actually have nostalgia FOR. There's no doubt XP is a more versatile tool, but I prefer the limitations laid down by a fairly rudimentary program that I've got a great deal of affection for! Also, I can't code for toffee, and there's a lot of deviation from the basic XP template required before it starts looking the way I want it to - whereas with 2K3, it's basically already there.
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