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Patreon is LIVE!

Hi all!

We recently made a Patreon account so that we can gather the last few funds we need to finish this thing off by Summertime. Check it out here:

Patreon Page

Some of you may have noticed that Mafiosi 2, 3, and 4 have been taken down. They will return in the future as the rebranded Crime Opera sequels with similar facelifts to the first entry, so not to worry.


Kickstarter is LIVE!


Hi everyone! We finally made it! Above is the link to our kickstarter page. We appreciate your support!


The Official Trailer is now live! More videos soon!

Hi all! It's been a while, but we finally have our official trailer online for the world to see! Featuring the talents of the Crime Opera Studios team, the video creator (White Charisma), and a song from my own band (ExGravitus), you can finally catch a glimpse of what's to come in the next couple months when we get ready to launch our kickstarter and fund the rest of this thing!

Enough from me, check it out!



The Demo is Here!

Hey all,

Just popping up to say that the demo is officially released! I'll be updating with new versions leading up to the kickstarter launch, but they'll be pretty small updates.

Have fun!


Demo download incoming this week!

Hey all,

So the 4 chapter demo is finally ready. It'll be out later this week.

Unfortunately, that means I had to take down the full, old versions of Mafiosi. But fret not, this commercial version is waaaay slicker, and promises much greater things for this series and the story of the Gallos.

Thanks so much to all who have stuck with me throughout this upgrade. I swear, it's all well worth it!


More screenshots + updates

Whew, it's been a while since I stopped by to update you all, so here we go!

All the resources we need are ready now, so I'm going to go ahead and commission the video for the kickstarter this weekend. I'm halfway through perfecting the demo now (which, if you'll remember from my previous update, is now 4 chapters instead of just one).

Haven't grabbed the original Mafiosi version of the visual novel? I'd do it now, 'cause as soon as the demo is posted to the internet, I'm taking the originals down. Most people, however, stayed away from the original versions exactly because of the fact that it was all free resources and extremely rough in its presentation. I assure you, this new one will be well worth the wait if you've been holding out on that account. I'd even recommend holding out, actually (even though you can dive right into the finished first trilogy now if you really want to).


Kickstarter + demo delay

Sorry for the absence, but rest assured that we're all working away and things are still progressing. We've been forced to delay the kickstarter campaign for another couple of months, but the plus side is that the demo will be much longer than the originally planned 1 chapter (it will now be 3 or 4).

The long and short of it is we didn't have enough backgrounds for the trailer video, so we have Giao hard at work making some more right now. That's really it, although I still do need to work out a few more details before the campaign goes live.

On that note, the demo we do have thus far (featuring the first chapter) looks, plays, and sounds great! My team has been throwing numerous ideas at me for other additions we can make, so I'll probably take the next month or so to implement some of the best ones. Really though, they're just added bells and whistles at this point. I couldn't be happier with what we've accomplished, and I can't wait to show off even more very soon!

Some of you have probably noticed that Mafiosi/Crime Opera IV has seemingly gone on a bit of a hiatus as a result of all this work on the trilogy upgrades. To those people, I want to assure you that the prologue chapters (that's 6 of them) are pretty much ready for release, and I'm just dealing with one last bug before I can get it out there for you. It was never an official hiatus, believe me, and I do intend to keep on writing chapters 7-30 over the next year with the hopes of getting back to a regular writing schedule. These prologue chapters took quite a bit of research and re-reads, which was a huge part of the reason for the delay, and so I won't have that issue going forward with the rest of it.

Thanks so much for your continued support and patience!


Mafiosi is now Crime Opera! Grab the old free version while you can!

It's been a long time coming, but today I am revealing the new brand for this series. I've been promising it for a long time, and I've been through many artists and musicians on the journey to making this dream a reality, but it's finally here!

Crime Opera: The Butterfly Effect is an upgraded version of Mafiosi 1 is every way. The scripts has been edited and expanded upon, there are additional endings that shed more light upon the characters and world (you can either read it as a kinetic novel, or with multiple routes, it's your choice), and there are a few additional features added in such as a gallery for CGs.

Character artist JT has pretty much completed all the characters and is just making the last few extra expressions as we speak. Background artist Gaio Nguyen has just one more background to complete for the demo, which will feature the first chapter of the novel. Musician Solo Acapello has completed the soundtrack, and is hard at work mixing and mastering the volume levels. Lastly, Valhalla was commissioned for the GUI system (for the entire trilogy, which he has completed) and it looks and plays phenomenally. We also have the great JBonesy working to help market and promote the work and to guide me with the kickstarter stuff.

The game has also been upgraded to HD, so you'll be getting the full effect of just how gorgeous the art really is! I couldn't be prouder of this team and what they've accomplished these past few months, and I am in the midst of finalizing the demo in preparation for the launch of our kickstarter campaign (set for this Fall season). You can expect more updates as I tinker with this profile and add new previews and images over the coming weeks.

This has been an ambitious effort, and I have to call on fans of the original works to help support these improved versions. It is my goal to complete all 6 Crime Opera stories for the commercial market in the next few years with this stellar team. But I need your help to get the word out so we can achieve our financial goals to continue this labour of love.

As a final note, if you're new to the series, you can still go download the original free versions for a limited time while they're available. I'll be taking them down in the coming weeks as the transition is finalized.

Thanks so much to old fans and new. We hope you come to love this new work as much as we do!


Join the Mafiosi Games Discord Channel!

Hey all! Want to get some inside info on the upcoming Mafiosi commercial remakes? Want to meet the team and get some sneak peaks at what's to come? Have some ideas you want to contribute to making this the greatest EVN kickstarter campaign ever?

Come join our Discord channel, where you can do all these things and more! Just click the link here:

Mafiosi Games Discord Channel

We're excited to be able to interact with fans of the original novels, so come on in! We're officially open for business!

As well, we're still looking for a background artist to complete our team, so if you think you have the skills or know someone who does, please let us know!


Mafiosi 4 page is live!

For all future updates on the series, including the transition of the series from Mafiosi to Crime Opera, please got to the Mafiosi 4 main page and subscribe!

Mafiosi 4 Main Page

Thanks again to everyone who has continued to support these novels. I look forward to completing the next trilogy over the coming years!
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