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Bundle on SALE! This week only!


Head on over to Itch.io and grab the complete visual novel, along with the fandisk and soundtrack for just $12 USD! Help us out as we ramp up production on Crime Opera II: The Floodgate Effect!


Beyond Butterfly Fandisk + Soundtrack Bundle Released!


We're so excited to finally be releasing the full length soundtrack for Crime Opera: The Butterfly Effect (in both mp3 and ogg formats, along with some additional bonus tracks as well). As well, to celebrate the release, we're doing something no other VN dev has attempted before. We're releasing a special "Making Of" docu-visual novel fandisk along with it to give you that extra bit of bang for your buck!

Go behind the scenes on the series conception, game writing, team assembling, art creation, and music production. Yes, we also talk about the issues we had with the kickstarter, and the notorious steam ban that hampered our release strategy. As well, you'll be treated to some never before seen concept art, including character and background sketches, line art, and colorization tests!

All proceeds will go to Solo Acapello, as I was not able to pay him what I'd hoped in the making of this beautiful soundtrack and wanted to have the chance to eventually get there.

Get it here:



Released on Itch.io!

Hi all!

I'm happy to announce we've launched on itch.io! Here's the link:


Pretty snazzy page, if I do say so myself!


Banned from Steam. Itch.io release Dec. 7th

I know, it's been a while since I've posted here.

That's right, Steam banned us. Essentially, it seems it's due to a scene where one of the child characters witnesses sex between 2 adults. Um... Didn't Game of Thrones do that in its first ever episode? And wasn't it a shitload more brutal because Bran was subsequently pushed out the window and became a quadriplegic for the rest of his life? Not to mention that GoT used a real chil actor, while ours are the 2d kind. Won't someone save the poor 2d children?!

I'm not bitter. Yes I am. Here's a kotaku article with a nice little rundown of the situation.


Anyways, we're still set to release on Dec. 7th, 2019 through itch.io, so there's that. As always, I appreciate the support of everyone following us here, and am positive we've made the ultimate version of the former Mafiosi: Le Loro Cosa.


Patreon is LIVE!

Hi all!

We recently made a Patreon account so that we can gather the last few funds we need to finish this thing off by Summertime. Check it out here:

Patreon Page

Some of you may have noticed that Mafiosi 2, 3, and 4 have been taken down. They will return in the future as the rebranded Crime Opera sequels with similar facelifts to the first entry, so not to worry.


Kickstarter is LIVE!


Hi everyone! We finally made it! Above is the link to our kickstarter page. We appreciate your support!


The Official Trailer is now live! More videos soon!

Hi all! It's been a while, but we finally have our official trailer online for the world to see! Featuring the talents of the Crime Opera Studios team, the video creator (White Charisma), and a song from my own band (ExGravitus), you can finally catch a glimpse of what's to come in the next couple months when we get ready to launch our kickstarter and fund the rest of this thing!

Enough from me, check it out!



The Demo is Here!

Hey all,

Just popping up to say that the demo is officially released! I'll be updating with new versions leading up to the kickstarter launch, but they'll be pretty small updates.

Have fun!


Demo download incoming this week!

Hey all,

So the 4 chapter demo is finally ready. It'll be out later this week.

Unfortunately, that means I had to take down the full, old versions of Mafiosi. But fret not, this commercial version is waaaay slicker, and promises much greater things for this series and the story of the Gallos.

Thanks so much to all who have stuck with me throughout this upgrade. I swear, it's all well worth it!


More screenshots + updates

Whew, it's been a while since I stopped by to update you all, so here we go!

All the resources we need are ready now, so I'm going to go ahead and commission the video for the kickstarter this weekend. I'm halfway through perfecting the demo now (which, if you'll remember from my previous update, is now 4 chapters instead of just one).

Haven't grabbed the original Mafiosi version of the visual novel? I'd do it now, 'cause as soon as the demo is posted to the internet, I'm taking the originals down. Most people, however, stayed away from the original versions exactly because of the fact that it was all free resources and extremely rough in its presentation. I assure you, this new one will be well worth the wait if you've been holding out on that account. I'd even recommend holding out, actually (even though you can dive right into the finished first trilogy now if you really want to).
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