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Blog #12 - Two more down!

  • sbester
  • 01/19/2014 09:38 PM
So far I've kept to my word and have written a chapter each week since the last release. Considering things are coming to a close, it's much more exciting stuff to write, so it's easy to set aside the time for on weekends.

I wanted to put out a Book 4 preview blog as I did with the third one, but there are too many spoilers I'd be throwing out at you all. That's the same reason I've kept myself from uploading a page for the sequel, even though it's pretty much ready to go at any time.

So anyways, 4 more chapters left. I imagine they're going to be a little shorter in length, as things are wrapping up a tad faster than I'd previously estimated. I think I'll save the final chapter as a quick epilogue, as things are kinda warping a bit as I continue to write. What can I say though? Better is better, whetehr I stick to my original plan 100% or not.

I'm also adding a quick director's cut at the end, which is pretty much already done. I'm debating an intro video too before the release, but we'll have to wait and see how quickly I get the last 4 chapters done.


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