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Shana Gallo
12 years old, she is the oldest daughter of Xander and Molly Gallo. Shana is a caring young girl who is wary of her father’s criminal ways and dreams of a life far away from him.

Ronnie Gallo
10 years old, he is the oldest son of Xander and Molly Gallo. Ronnie is a somewhat introverted boy who cares for others, but his sense of justice is still developing.

Amy Gallo
6 years old, she is the youngest daughter of Xander and Molly Gallo. After witnessing a terrible event, her mind begins to play tricks on her and a mental illness begins to take hold of her.

Kevin Gallo
15 years old, he is the eldest son of Gerald and Alice Gallo. Kevin is an ambitious teenager who holds great respect for his father and wants nothing more than to be inducted into the family business.

Burtie Gallo
8 years old, he is the youngest son of Xander and Molly Gallo. Burtie is a troubled boy with a dark personality. His mother is convinced that there must be something seriously wrong with him.

Izzy Gallo
7 years old, she is the middle sibling of Gerald and Alice Gallo. Izzy is daddy’s little princess, which can become quite the pain in the neck for her mother.


Gerald Gallo
The eldest of the two brothers running the family business. Calm and relaxed, and in complete control of his faculties.

Xander Gallo
The youngest of the two brothers. He is hard headed, easily angered, and often violent.

Molly Gallo
Xander’s young wife, and mother to all his children. Sweet, caring, and a good mother.

Alice Gallo
Married to Gerald. Strict yet good natured, and never afraid to speak her mind.

Grandma (Loretta) Gallo
The Gallo matriarch.

Dean Gallo
A cousin of the Gallos, takes care of the odd jobs.

Maya Gallo
2 years old. Youngest daughter of Gerald and Alice. Only plays a minor role in this story.


Hans Bianchi
An untrustworthy business partner who seeks to take advantage of the Gallos.

Serena McIntosh
18. Xander’s young mistress, often serves as a babysitter for the children.

Terry Childers
One of Bianchi's henchmen, although his loyalty to the man is questionable.

Gavin Russo
12 years old. A poor boy who is a loyal friend to Shana.

Albert Morris
A forthright man who seeks to end his business relationship with the Gallos.

Xander is never seen without him.