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Once the heir to the throne of Rosedell, King Lawrence's eldest son Drake DeLancy faked his death after a brutal battle that resulted in his mother's early demise. Drifting quietly from town to town, he finally found a place to rest in Northhurst Woods, where he and a few trusted others formed the Resistance, a growing group of rebels keen to see an end to Valburn rule.

His bold personality and often inappropriate charm have allowed him to become a strong leader, yet behind all of his seductive and brash nature, something has always been amiss. He constantly reflects on the battle that killed his mother, and yearns to be a part of the family he abandoned. Yet, on top of all of that, he hopes for a brighter future, one with Valburn's iron grip vanquished.

He seems to share a strange connection with the rival kingdom's elite general, Miranda Rosetto, yet not even his trusted confidantes have been able to pry any information from him.

Orphaned at birth and thrown from family to family, Saffron Sawyer grew up in Valburn as the factories did. With nowhere to go, or no family she knew of, in her early teens she was taken in by a powerful merchant of Iba, and forced to work in the city's brothels and narcotic dens. As she grew through her teens, her talents as a courtesan and call girl were renowned throughout the city of Iba. After the war ended, she received a mysterious invitation to meet the leader of the rebellion, Drake DeLancy.

The results of their meeting remain a secret between both of them, but since finding Drake she has lived with and served the Resistance for some time. Often quarrelling with Drake over insignificant details, their relationship is complex at best, but most know that they both hold each other in high esteem and trust.

One of the first recruits of the Resistance, Tsalnar Gylas was once a highway ranger who patrolled the Kingsroad, a stretch of road that begins in the forests of Amymnor and leads to the massive Apricum Desert between Rosedell & Valburn. When the war began he became an archer for the Rosedell military, but as the fighting continued he began to give in to the finer things in life - in his case, the deliciously bitter ale brewed in Northhurst. He soon became a drunk and hobbled between towns looking for a cause to join - when he stumbled across a Resistance raid on a nearby Valburn outpost. His fighting skill had drastically decreased, and was knocked out in the ensuing battle. He woke up in the rebel hideout with Drake, and serves as a chef for the force camped in Northhurst Woods.

His past is shrouded in mystery, mostly due to the alcoholic intake over the years. He appears sad and somewhat morose between drinks, and many believe there is more to him than meets the eye.

Riffolk serves as the King's Protector of Arcontana, the last free kingdom of Tiriya. He also acts the primary liaison between Drake and other leaders, in an effort to preserve his anonymity. While his allegiance lies with Arcontana and the Resistance, Riffolk was once trained by the now High Lawkeeper of Valburn, Albert Damalu, far before the war broke out. He wishes to meet his former master in battle one day, but is torn as to how he should further his fate.

He is constantly the voice of reason in the Resistance, talking Drake out of many plans. In an earlier attack, their group ruptured a pipe line in a once beautiful forest, the Breywood. Poisonous gas spewed from the leak, and has since left the woodland crawling with all manner of deformed monstrosities. Not only that, but the attack killed several of his own men. Living in the constant shadow of his mistake has taught him one thing - that confrontation can only be a last resort.

Alice was once the chambermaid for Bridget DeLancy, the now dead queen of Rosedell. She possesses an intricate knowledge of the Vrahl and their worshippers, yet believes the mass faith of Tiriya can only lead to further confrontation and death. She single handedly kept the Queen from leaving her chambers during the assault on Esterwyn Castle, due to her powerful spellcasting abilities, but was overcome by Valburn forces and their Vrahl masters.

Afterwards, she was captured and kept prisoner in Tayford Manor, where she endures regular experiments and torture in an effort to contain her spellcasting prowess within physical matter. As frail as the torture makes her, there is more to her than meets the eye, and she manages to hold on almost every time.

Cyril was born the son of a clockmaker in Arcontana, before being kicked out to the streets and joining the ranks of their military forces. There, he met Riffolk, and through Riffolk he eventually met Drake as the war ended. Considered a best friend and crucial element of the Resistance by Drake, Cyril is often the lead member of any of their operations. Their latest mission - acquiring the blueprints of the Dreadnought however, has proved to be something of a titanic struggle.

Although he remains quiet about it, it is a well known fact that he and Alice were once close. As far as he and the population of Tiriya are aware however, Alice has been missing since the attack on Esterwyn Castle.

Youngest prince of Rosedell and brother to Drake. Believed to be hiding in the ruins of Esterywn Castle, Edward still believes his brother is dead and does not know he leads the rebellion. He has long ties with the Resistance and has funded many of their missions, not knowing who their leader was.

Since the war ended, Edward has forever blamed Drake for the death of their mother. The circumstances of how she passed remain hazy at best, but Edward believes his brother had almost everything to do with it. Yet, as events surrounding the coup de'tat progress, it's almost a definite that the two will meet again.

(thanks to Emmych for the beautiful artwork of the characters)


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Saffron's mysterious invite:

"You, sexy red headed dancer with a banging bod.
Me, surrounded by sweaty men like all the time and craving a woman's touch.

Let's make this happen, baby."
Very original character art. Is it personal work? I especially like the character Riffolk.

All character artwork was made by the lovely emmych. She bas two games up here, Riftwalker & Origin that I suggest you take a look at too :)
Very original character art. Is it personal work? I especially like the character Riffolk.
" has been dead since": you sure it's properly written? It sounds like she can be revived from her grave. Like a zombie.
...very true. Hold the line!
Call me the 'Grammar Corps'. ;P
" has been dead since": you sure it's properly written? It sounds like she can be revived from her grave. Like a zombie.

...very true. Hold the line!
" has been dead since": you sure it's properly written? It sounds like she can be revived from her grave. Like a zombie.
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