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Factions of Tiriya

The Resistance

A small rebel army consisting mostly of ex Rosedell military and activist citizens of the region. Led by, though not known to general public and most of the movement itself, the former prince of Rosedell Drake DeLancy, the Resistance has developed from a small annoyance to Valburn forces into a powerful opposition.

Several of their plans have involved destruction of Valburn property. Perhaps their most infamous to date was the rupturing of a melnyr gas pipeline in the Breywood, forcing hundred of footsoldiers stationed there to retreat. The area has since become a toxic hotspot, yet through the perseverance of the Vrahl there it maintains its natural beauty.

Known affiliates include high-ranking officials of Arcontana, Edward DeLancy and perhaps the King of Rosedell himself. The latter are unaware that their believed-dead son is in charge of the operation.

The Silver Hand

The Silver Hand are a group of militant Vrahl worshippers, and their influence spans across almost all of Tiriya. Occupying most temples and the massive Radiance City in Valburn, the Silver Hand abide by strict beliefs, and believe the rest of Tiriya should too.

They are a known enemy of Rosedell, but remain allies with Valburn. However, due to their faith-based hierarchy, they operate free from senate control. This has led to an abundance of religious attacks on the population of Tiriya, focused directly against non-believers and those not of faith. The senate steps in occasionally, yet due to most of the members remaining loyal to the Vrahl, the Silver Hand have almost complete freedom in their actions.

They are led by the famous 'White Knight', a bishop known by the name of Valpamaeth Lysander. He oversees most of their activity and enjoys a seat in the senate.

The Merchant League

A collection of high-influence political figures from throughout Tiriya. The Merchant League use the sprawling metropolis of Iba as their home base, and oversee almost all dealings in Sylvaron.

Known to swap and trade allies in the blink of an eye, the league are currently in alliance with Valburn, providing them with huge numbers of materials to further their industrial expansion.

The Vrahl

The Vrahl are otherworldly, spectral entities that populate all of Tiriya. They are everlasting, seemingly immortal, and reportedly responsible for Tiriya's well-being. They provide for the land, and the world in numerous ways, whether it be controlling the weather or lighting the sun. Their power and magical abilities have given rise to a massive following, with the vast majority of Tiriya worshipping them as deities. Without the Vrahl, Tiriya, and the world, would fall into chaos.

There are a few movements that actively oppose the Vrahl, but none have the courage to go against them. And on top of that, The Silver Hand, who claim to be under orders from them, would crush them like bugs.

The Senate

The Senate comprises of key political figures across all of Tiriya. It was formed before the war, in the time of peace between Rosedell & Valburn, yet most of its seats are made up from Valburn officials. King Lawrence of Rosedell retains his initial seat, yet due their widespread corruption and his general disdain for most of its members, has not attended a meeting in some time.

They were initially envisioned to bring about alliances and democracy to all the lands of Tiriya, but since Valburn gained power, most of its members are allies of that nation. Yet, major political decisions, such as war or invasions, still must pass a rigorous approval sequence by the senate.