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So this here is pretty much a little Q&A section for the demo, should you happen to be having trouble with it. A lot of the mechanics seen here will be retained in future releases, so it wouldn't hurt to check up on it in the coming months when part one is released in its entirety.

1. To VP or not to VP?

VP is a little reworking of the default TP system in RMVX Ace, but that's just a background detail because it works differently than that.

Basically, VP is shown in your battle status window next to your SP. Attacking will spend all of your VP. Being hit by an enemy will spend all of your VP. So what's the deal, I hear you ask?

Your current VP figure acts a bonus amount of damage given by using the attack command. This bonus ignores defence, and is added onto whatever the damage output is of your regular attack.

So, in essence, charging up your VP via the 'Vigor' command is a good way to power up your characters to deal extra damage - something that's quite useful against automated attackers and other enemies with high defence. Your initial VP is randomized at the beginning of battle, and other than Vigor, certain items can give you a small bonus. It's up to you on how you want to maintain your VP level - you could have Riffolk lure an enemy from Cyril, or Saffron mirage up Drake. Either way, it'll be a good way to inflict good, solid damage.

Note that enemies also have VP, but for the demo's sake they don't recharge. So, if you're wondering why enemies hit pretty hard initially, then that's why. You're gonna want to drop that down.

2. I feel infiltrated by the Infiltrator.

The Infiltrator is definitely one of the tougher encounters in the demo, and while I don't want to give you THE GAMBIT~ that'll make everything easier for you, there are a few things you can follow to give you the upper hand.

The first tactic is playing it safe. Focus your attacks on each of the arms at a time and memorize their attack patterns. They only heal when a specific condition is met, and it's one you may run in to - but remember that information and shift your strategy accordingly. You may want to have Riffolk use lure and have Cyril Vigor up to inflict some nasty damage. When the main body fires the cannon, I suggest guarding to minimize the damage, or even having Riffolk use bastion so he'll be in top form if Cyril dies.

The second tactic is slightly riskier, as it involves attacking the body head-on, as killing the body will also kill both arms. Use your debuff items to minimize the damage taken by the arms, and pound away at the body whilst maintaining a counter seal on it. It's completely possible to do it this way.

3. Why am I reading and not escaping this cellar?

The numbers you need for the code are the numbers written on the wall in blood. As for their order, the piece of paper on the wall rather implicitly states how to figure that out. It's more a game of memory than it is technique.

4. Fauns are horrible, nasty things.

First off, if you're having issues with the faun battles then remember to get Saffron in your team by talking to her after the initial cutscene. Whilst it's totally possible to do the faun fights with just Drake, you might find it a little easier with Saffron's ability to increase the length of status effects on an enemy.

If you're paying attention you'll notice that fauns have crazy high evasion - just as well you have abilities to counter that. Magick never misses, and Drake's charm skill combined with Saffron's impair skill with debuffs is really a foolproof way of taking them out quickly.

5. Why am I being owned by a butterfly?

If you'll recall, it is impossible to kill a Vrahl doppelgänger. And that's not out of it just being really hard, it's just impossible. You should know that every Vrahl fight will follow this template.

I'm not gonna tell you outright how to force out Atlus, but look at what you have. Look at your items and the butterfly's weaknesses.

6. Atlus did not shrug, instead he put me to sleep and magicked me to death.

Atlus can be a difficult fight if you're not prepared - remember to stock up on Mistletinn to counteract sleep. She's prone to bleed, and though her spell casting power is pretty high, remember and use reflect. And use the appropriate debuff items to slow her spells and their power down. With Drake using VP attacks under mirage, and Saffron maintaining reflect, it's a very, very quick fight.

7. Where the hell is the shrine?!

It's probably quite clear there's a path on the other side of the creek in Northhurst Woods, so you'll need to form a bridge to get over there. There are objects you can interact with in the map to the north to help you with that.