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CC's Feedback

What we've learned from this demo:
1. ALWAYS make a "Fonts" folder if you're going to use a custom font. You, as a dev, might not find any errors. But a lot of third party players will.

2. Fast animations make the battles a lot more fun in any RPG.

3. Jurassic Mark maps

with his fair share of subtle map errors. They don't bother me because I love looking for them. But still. :3

The game breaker has been fixed, so I'll continue playing in a few days.
I hope this was useful. Very good game so far. :)

Edit: My old save works with the patched client. Very good~


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I'll watch this right now and give a detailed reply in a bit.

Please do install the font that's in the game folder, though.
(okay just watched after saying that and now I sound like douche)

This was a really interesting video that helped a lot!

Few things I'd like to comment on -

I think I might go with what you were saying and add an item cap of some kind. The reason I was so generous with them initially was kind of a mixture of uninformed testing, and the difficulty curve. I don't know how you fared with the Infiltrator fight, but I've found a lot of people suddenly enjoyed having so many items to use there. But yeah, definitely something I'll look into.

The overlay glitch is incredibly frustrating and I'm working on fixing it. Rather than fading out the screen, perhaps deleting the overlay briefly would work? I don't know, I'll need to test it out. As for mapping errors, yeah, the Arcontana maps are reeeeally old so I'll need to dig around some PSD files to fix 'em up for future releases. A lot of them were to do with me just not putting things on the grid right, haha.

Hmmm, what else...yeah, will certainly change the animation speed. It's not something I've noticed before but after seeing it played back by someone else I can see how jarring it is.

All in all though, I'm glad you've enjoyed it thus far, and I hope you like the rest of it. Thank you very much for the crit, and I'll be sure to work stuff out on my end.

(oh btw, Riffolk isn't a temporary character - you'll get to control him later on in the game again)

(oh also jesus god I just changed the animation speeds and what a difference)
Glad this was useful.

(oh also jesus god I just changed the animation speeds and what a difference)

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